Verstappen’s legendary record Hamilton will never achieve

When a driver begins to dominate Formula One, the age old debate comes around over who is the greatest? Yet given the different eras Formula One has evolved through this is difficult to measure.

In terms of points scored, race wins and pole positions Lewis Hamilton is clearly number one along with other numerous records. Yet Hamilton is racing in an era where the season is up to 3 times the length of this during the early years of the sport.



F1 dominance new in last 20 years

Further, drivers stay with the same team for much longer than in the days of Graham Hill and Jim Clarke and teams can dominate the sport for longer due to baked in barriers to entry like infrastructure.

Aston Martin are having to spend $250m on a state of the art facility to ensure they can complete with the big boys for the foreseeable future.

Yet this weekend saw Max Verstappen join a select club of Formula One drivers even Lewis Hamilton will never attain. It is unlikely Hamilton will have a dominant enough car for three consecutive more seasons to equal the Dutchman’s new record.

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Verstappen 3rd grand slam

With his pole position, fastest lap and leading every lap of the Spanish Grand Prix Verstappen claimed another grand slam in the 40th race victory of his career.

Even more impressive is the fact Max has now completed a grand slam in the last three consecutive seasons, something only two other F1 drivers have achieved.

The Dutch driver claimed his first Grand Chlem at the 2021 Austrian Grand Prix and his second in the 2022 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at the Imola Circuit.

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Can Max join Jim Clarke

Jim Clark, who holds the all-time Grand Slam record with eight, managed four grand slams in each of the 1962 (1), 1963 (3), 1964 (1) and 1965 (3). 

Sebastian Vettel is the other driver to claim three slams in three consecutive seasons 2011 (1), 2012 (1) and 2013 (2) although his two in his final championship winning year sees him still one ahead of the current world champion.

Hamilton ranks second in the all time list with six and behind number one Jim Clarke.

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Most grand slams ever awaits

Verstappen would require two more this year to equal the record for a single season which is shared by Clark who did it twice, Hamilton, Alberto Ascari, and Nigel Mansell. 

In terms of total career slams Verstappen has just three at which places in him 9th place in the F1 grand slam table. 

Given the dominance over his team mate and the dominance of his RB19 over the field, even when the title race is over maybe Verstappen can chase down the elusive four in a season which would see him relegate Jim Clarke to second of all time.

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3 responses to “Verstappen’s legendary record Hamilton will never achieve

  1. Ahah max got 3 grandslams thanks to +1 sec faster a lap car and no competitive teammate.
    Hamilton Got 6 grandslams and 19 hat tricks and the only driver with a win for 15 seasons.

  2. “It’s all the car”
    “fake wins”
    “fake championships”
    “team-mate not allowed to compete”

    When these start being said about Max (and I’m sure they already have)… where have we heard them before…..?

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