Alonso angered by Aston Martin claims

Fernando Alonso arrives at his home race in Barcelona in great spirits following Aston Martin’s best ever result in Monaco. The traditionally mid field team has this year repeatedly beaten easily the likes of Ferrari, Mercedes and Alpine and now sits second in the constructors’ championship.

Yet it could already have been so much better for the Silverstone based team had Alonso’s team mate, son of team boss Lawrence Stroll, had delivered anything near the potential of the car deserves.



Alonso alone holds off rivals

Aston Martin are just one point ahead of Mercedes despite Fernando having scored five podiums in six races. The problem for the team is the lack of contribution from Lance Stroll who has less than a third of his team mates 93 with just 27 points.

A number of seasoned F1 writers this week have turned their attention to Stroll’s relative lack of performance suggesting he’s only granted the Aston Martin driver because he his the son of the team owner.

The Mercedes, Ferrari and Alpine pairings have contributed a similar number of points to the teams’ totals which suggests they are both getting close to their cars potential performance.

Clearly Lance Stroll is not.



Verstappen praises Alonso

Yet Max Verstappen has revealed how he believes Alonso is one of a kind, and surpasses even Lewis Hamilton in terms of “extra capacity” when the driving the car.

“I do like to think that having extra capacity is a big advantage in F1,” Verstappen said in an interview with The Times.

“You cannot train that kind of thing. Only a few drivers have it.

“For me, definitely Fernando [Alonso] – I can feel that, from the way he operates in the car, picking up on little things, showing this extra capacity – still driving at the limit but thinking about other stuff as well.

Hamilton skips race for Tom Cruise



Max chooses Fernando ahead of Hamilton

“You are talking to the engineer but I am also hearing a pit stop by a Ferrari car.

“I asked, ‘Did they box? I heard that on the radio.’ But if you are fully focused on your driving, you probably won’t pick it up because you are fully focused on his voice.”

The Dutch would champion was pressed on why he didn’t select Lewis Hamilton in his response.

“No, because Fernando stands out more with that,” replied Verstappen.



Alonso “emotions still high”

Of course Russell is much closer each weekend in terms of his relative performance to Lewis Hamilton than is Stroll to Alonso. But if Verstappen is to be believed it may well be in similar machinery to Hamilton, Fernando would dominate the seven times world champion as he does with Lance Stroll.

Alonso was in fine form when facing the assembled media in Barcelona. 

“The emotions are still high after an amazing result in Monaco but now we shift our focus to my home race here in Spain.

“I’m looking forward to seeing all of the Spanish and Aston Martin fans out in full force supporting our team. I hope to see lots of green in the grandstands over the weekend.

Schumacher Mercedes’ drive confirmed



Aston Martin ig upgrade

Aston Martin have brought a significant upgrade to Spain of their front wing which so far in the hands of Alonso appears an impressive step forward. Alonso believes if he and the team maximise their efforts a win is possible for the team come Sunday.

”So far, we have scored lots of third places, a second place in Monaco and the next one we need is the top step.

“To do this we have to maximise every part of our weekend and capitalise on any opportunities that may come our way. But I am not obsessed with this and we will enjoy every moment.

“We have a lot of experience of this circuit but it’s always a good challenge. It’ll be interesting to race again without a chicane at the end of the lap, and hopefully this creates more overtaking opportunities.”



Stroll believes he’s unlucky

When asked about his performance in Monaco where Lance Stroll eventually retired from the race after being lapped by the leaders, the Canadian believes he was unlucky.

“I think it’s just how it goes,” a relaxed Stroll claimed in his press meeting. 

“There’s good weekends and bad weekends.

“So, yeah, see how it goes,” he added ahead of the Spanish GP weekend.

Verstappen fears “Senna moment”



Alonso defends Lance Stroll

Fernando who has been cast in the “master” to the “apprentice” role with Stroll was defensive of his team mates performances in the first six races of the season.

“Lance was extremely unlucky this season,” said the double world champion.

“In Bahrain he drove one-handed and was damn fast,” Alonso added referring to the fractured wrist injuries Lance suffered just over a week before the season began.

“In Jeddah he was ahead of the Ferraris when the exhaust broke. In Miami they gambled too much in Q1 where they wanted to save a set of tyres. 



Fernando accuses “negative” F1

In Monte Carlo he damaged his car on debris from a McLaren in qualifying.

“I don’t think it’s fair to criticise him for that.”

Fernando was clearly irritated over the articles that suggested he and Aston Martin could’ve won the race in Monaco had the team not decided to pit the Spaniard for a dry weather tyre instead of there intermediate rain tyre. The call was marginal but whelp times suggest had Fernando immediately been given the inter tyre, he would have emerged 10 seconds ahead of Verstappen who stoped a lap later.

“It was not a good decision in retrospect, but it was at the time,” Alonso argued. “We don’t have a crystal ball.

“That’s what I don’t like about Formula 1 – that it seems we always only highlight the negative things. It is also very easy to give your opinion from the couch.

Steiner’s big problem with Mick



History can be re-written 

“Imagine that we had stopped immediately for intermediates – then we’d only be talking about Red Bull’s wrong decision to let Max stay on the slicks for a lap too long.

“That’s what they’d say – not that Aston Martin was very brave. Now there is always someone not doing well and that’s what is criticised.”

Alonso presents as a little defensive over the pit strategy issue last week in the principality and given the Ferrari mistakes over the years, the loss of a win by team mistakes is always a bigger story.

Alonso’s 32 and last win in Formula One was ten years ago in Barcelona. It would be the dream return to the top step of the podium were he able to withstand the inevitable Red Bull onslaught in qualifying and then the race.

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  1. In similar machinery Max, Fernando, George, Charles, Nando, Piastri, Pierre, Mickey Mouse and Daphne would all beat Hamilton over a season.

    • Didn’t Hamilton finish above Fernando when they were in the same machinery at McLaren? And Hamilton seems to be outscoring George this season.
      Nonetheless, maybe you’re right, perhaps Mickey Mouse would give him a good run for his money.

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