Incredibly, Hamilton will skip a race for Tom Cruise

Lewis Hamilton, a motor racing celebrity with 7 Formula 1 World Championship titles to his name, is also involved in film in his spare time. In the midst of production on his film, which will star Brad Pitt.

More details are emerging about a new Formula One movie starring Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton. 

“I have such high hopes for it,” Hamilton said in October. “I know we’re going to make the best racing movie that’s ever existed, both visually, and we’re going to work on making sure we pull on the heartstrings of all those fans.”



Filming will begin at the British Grand Prix in July, with one report suggesting that Pitt will be driving an “11th team” car in the pre-race formation lap. However, a more recent report claims that Pitt will be alone on track between F1 sessions.

The film hasn’t been named yet, but we do know a little about how the story will unfold. According to IMDB, the film “follows a Formula 1 driver (Pitt) who comes out of retirement to mentor a younger driver.



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An earlier version of the film was called “Go Like Hell”. But that was when Tom Cruise was attached to the project.

The British driver for Mercedes has also said that if Top Gun 3 comes to fruition and he gets a chance to appear in it, he will want to appear alongside Tom Cruise.

Hamilton was present at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this week, where the seven-time Formula 1 world champion mentioned he was currently shooting the aforementioned film about Formula 1 with Brad Pitt as the main character. It seems the British driver is getting his feet wet in the film world, having announced that he wants to star in Tom Cruise’s forthcoming film Top Gun 3.



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“Maybe we’ll go to Cannes with our film too”

Co-producer of his F1 film with Brad Pitt and directed by Joseph Kosinski (Top Gun: Maverick), Lewis Hamilton spoke about the project in comments reported by

“We have an incredible cast. It’s such a privilege… because we weren’t racing anymore, we spent all day in London going over the script. Being able to sit down with Joe and Jerry, who are true legends, and then watch Brad work….

“I learn so much throughout the process and appreciate even more what it takes to create a film. I’m sure it’s going to keep growing as it goes along, it’s going to become something special.

“I went to Cannes on Tuesday and saw some of the greats like Leo [Di Caprio], who has just released his film. Who knows, maybe we’ll go to Cannes with our film too, once it’s out.”


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“If Top Gun 3 is ever made, I’ll be in it, and I’ll miss a race because of it”

Lewis Hamilton wants to take things slowly and doesn’t want to act in his film, although he hasn’t ruled out making an appearance. However, when asked about the possibility of filming Top Gun 3 with Tom Cruise, the British driver let his hair down:

“I’m going to wait to make my real film debut, because I’m going to need to train and practise, because I don’t want to be rubbish. If Top Gun 3 ever gets made, I’ll be in it, and I’ll miss a race for it, just so you know. I’m not going to pass up that chance next time.”

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6 responses to “Incredibly, Hamilton will skip a race for Tom Cruise

  1. Cruise is disgusting. Why? He’s a damn Scientologist! Do you know what that stupid, so-called “religion” stands for?? And what it does to normal people??? smh

  2. That Hamilton will skip a race is not so remarkable… his ego is bigger than everything. Attention above all.
    And the story… older driver mentors a younger one… can it be more boring and lack more fantasy? Most cliche ever. Even Cars used that theme… recipe for a megafail.

    • Hi Duckey, been missing you a long time. You tell what you see, rather like me, and unlike the fatally biased Hamilton fans who cannot stand him being despised. However, it is perfectly within their rights to spew venom on all other drivers, George included. As asskissers go, such people must be holders of Guinness Records.
      Now to hamilton and his missing a race in order to act in a movie. He may never win a single race in his remaining career. The sooner he realizes it, the better for him and the sport. But as you said, his ego is too big for this realization and F1 fans have to suffer him for, Lord knows how much longer.
      But when he does leave, he would have accumulated so much disrespect from all except those deranged asskissing fans of his, that it will be the most severe blow to his ego.
      As for acting, he does not need any training. He is a natural. We all saw his Oscar-like performance last year when he acted out a beautiful scene of getting out of the car.

      I already foresee what the movie will be all about. It will project a Hamiltonian character as the best driver ever, leagues above all others, the fairest and most decent driver that has sat behind a wheel. In essence, a complete antithesis of his true persona.
      To be more realistic, the character should be portrayed as the personification of all evil, the greediest person (after Wolff of course) and who expects respect without giving it.

      In short, the movie will be one where he jerks off in public!!!!!!!!!!

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