Alonso has one big regret

In 2001, a certain Fernando Alonso made his debut in Formula 1. 22 years later, the Spaniard is still present in F1 and even won two world championship titles in 2005 and 2006. He then swapped between Ferrari and McLaren, notably without success, before retiring in 2018.

He then returned to Alpine and Aston Martin. For Eddie Jordan, Fernando Alonso could have had a better career in terms of achievements but he preferred money to success.



Formula 1 drivers are among the highest-paid sportsmen in the world. Fernando Alonso, for example, earns almost €5m a year. His long career could well hide a darker side according to Jordan, one that Fernando Alonso would regret.


“Alonso chased the money”

Former Formula 1 team boss Eddie Jordan believes that Fernando Alonso chased the money: “You should never look back. He has to ask himself and Flavio, his manager Flavio Briatore and I are still good friends, but you have to remember that Fernando Alonso chased money.” confirms Jordan,

“He went to teams where he got more money than he would have got in another team that probably had a better chance of him winning the world title. He probably regrets it now because he has a lot of money, but nothing more”



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Alonso the incredible driver

Fernando remains the best driver in the world and sixth in the all-time race winners list with 32 victories. While he may not hold the youngest driver records anymore, Alonso has the seventh-most wins of any Formula One driver with 32 wins. He is known for his ability to salvage a strong result regardless of grid position. For this reason many fans over the last couple of decades find it a head-scratcher as to why he only won two F1 driver titles.


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“Fernando, you made a mistake”

Eddie Jordan goes on to say that Alonso could have won more world championships:

“Sometimes, looking back, you think it was a mistake. And if I were to talk to Fernando, if he was sitting in front of me, I would say ‘Fernando, you made a mistake’. You still have a great legacy, you were twice world champion. But deep down you know it could easily have been five or six.”

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