Huge Alonso V Stroll tensions

Mike Krack is impressed by Fernando Alonso’s determination as the comparison is already very stark between the Spanish two time Formula 1 champion and Aston Martin’s owners’ son, Lance Stroll; his team mate. Tensions are huge within the team as Lance is shown up for the driver he really is when compared to pure talent.

Fernando Alonso, 41, continues to impress with his sheer determination as he begins his 20th Formula One campaign with his new Aston Martin team this year. Lance, on the other hand, appears to be way behind his senior team mate at the Silverstone based team.



Stroll tension with Alonso?

Ex-Williams and Ferrari team manager Peter Windsor reckons that Stroll Senior will have mixed feelings about the double world champion’s current spotlight. With several podiums already this season, Fernando Alonso is comprehensively outperforming Lance Stroll.

Windsor’s comments came during the race in Jeddah where team Principal Mike Krack said after the  Saudi Arabian Grand Prix that Alonso ‘has inspired the entire Aston Martin team’ since taking over from Sebastian Vettel.

Neglecting to make too many comments about Lance Stroll who had somehow, and impressively, managed a decent qualifying position, despite broken bones from a bike accident in the winter. Lance eventually retired from the race.


Windsor said on his Youtube channel: “At the end [of the race], with all the Aston Martin mechanics in green in front of the podium and Fernando being Mr Charm, Mr Charisma with the fluorescent green Aston Martin cap and smile and just looking a hundred million dollars, you had to think, ‘not sure Stroll Sr will be that happy about the way things are going at the moment’.

“This is Fernando almost becoming bigger than the team and [Stroll will be thinking] what’s happening with my son? Why’s he retired? What’s going on?”



Unique ‘dynamic’ at Aston Martin Racing

Certainly the fact that the team is owned by the father of one of the drivers creates a different dynamic to that of most other F1 teams.

“This isn’t Red Bull, where Dietrich Mateschitz loved lots of different racing drivers and loved putting them together, seeing them compete and giving an opportunity to many young drivers…” explains Windsor,


“This is the father of one driver effectively buying a Formula 1 team for him and seeing now the Fernando Alonso phenomenon and he wants his son there.”



Aston Martin team boss heaps more praise on Alonso

Mike Krack, Aston Martin’s team boss, recently explained how two-time world champion Fernando Alonso has helped the British carmaker’s team evolve since his arrival over the winter. Heaping yet further praise on Alonso.

After leaving Alpine at the end of the 2022 season, Fernando Alonso immediately set to work with his new Aston Martin team at the end-of-season test in Abu Dhabi and the Spaniard – who is entering his 20th season in Formula One – has brought with him a steely determination and extreme motivation as his boss Mike Krack explains.

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“He brought a lot of energy, a lot of positivity when he arrived. He’s leading by example at all times,” Mike Krack said of Alonso.

“He’s there early, he works very hard and it’s that example that everyone sees and hangs on to, it gives an extra level of motivation.”

“I think having his name chanted [by the Aston Martin mechanics under the podium in Jeddah] was like a confirmation that he has really contributed a lot to the team.”


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Lance who?

The fact that the team boss is continuing to praise Alonso publically, only serves to further diminish Lance Stroll’s presence within the team. But results cannot be masked or spun, and Formula 1 is the ultimate meritocracy.

“If someone had told me we would have three podiums after the first three races, I wouldn’t have believed it. Fernando shows what a champion we have, he is incredible with his consistency.”

“If you look at all the [practice] sessions, he has always been there. Free practice one, two, three, he’s always there, he pushes to the maximum all the time.”

After the Australian Grand Prix – round three of the 2023 World Championship – Fernando Alonso is third in the drivers’ standings, nine points behind Sergio Perez.

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8 responses to “Huge Alonso V Stroll tensions

  1. The premise of this article is completely off base. To try and show how “bad” a driver Lance is by comparing to Alonso is ridiculous. Alonso stands on his own for praise, no need to denigrate Lance in doing so. It is a long season, Lance will come through as a good teammate always will.

    • I second Rob 100%. What’s more pathetic than a journalist totally devoid of imagination trying to stymie a team’s good vibes, spill it bile on honest workers, to bait a couple thousand clicks?

  2. I agree, the author is looking for headlines not truth or accuracy. Both Alonzo and Stroll have said good things about each other and wait, there’s only 20 plus races to go this year.

  3. You know at some point Alonso will demand a “favour (like the Piquet favour) and blow up if it is not granted

  4. Well, Lance was 4th last time. So its not like he is not brining points, Jeddah wasnt his fault, but Alonso is a legend

  5. This is probably the worst article of all times.
    Clearly you dont have a source inside AMF1…if you did…. well…

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