Ferrari slam FIA decision making

Ferrari had lodged a ‘right of review’ with the FIA’s decision to award Carlos Sainz with a 5 second time penalty at the recent Australian GP. The decision effectively relegated the Ferrari driver from 4th place to last because he was forced to serve his penalty behind the safety car during the final lap of the Grand Prix.

At the previous round in Jeddah, Aston Martin had successfully argued for a right of review over a steward’s decision which relegated Fernando Alonso from his third place.



Ferrari denied a right of review

The Spaniard had been given a 10 second time penalty long after he’d celebrated on the podium . This was despite the alleged offence Alonso had committed being some 32 laps prior to the chequered flag.

Aston Martin produced evidence the stewards failed to consider when they deliberated Alonso’s fate which forced the review.

Time penalties awarded by the stewards are not subject to an appeal, however Ferrari were hoping to win a ‘right of review’ by as did Aston Martin.

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Maranello responds

However, the FIA did not consider Ferrari had provided “significant and relevant new information which was unavailable to the parties seeking the review at the time of the decision concerned.”

The Maranello based outfit responded with a brief statement on social media.

“We acknowledge the FIA decision not to grant us a right of review in relation to the penalty imposed on Carlos Sainz at the 2023 Australian Grand Prix.”

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Ferrari argue they deserved a review

However, Ferrari insist they believe they had given sufficient grounds for the review to take place.

“We are naturally disappointed and felt that we had provided sufficient new elements for the FIA to re-examine the decision, especially in the context of the particular conditions and multiple incidents that occurred during the final restart.”

Ferrari believe the stewards were not even handed when dealing with first corner carnage which caught out Sainz.

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Ferrari slam FIA decision making

Alpine’s Pierre Gasly hurtled off the track and returned in an unsafe manner causing a collision with his team mate Esteban Ocon which wiped both of the French team’s cars from the points.

Of course had the stewards penalised Gasly they would have been forced to award him penalty points. Under the totting up system this would have seen the French driver accumulate enough points to receive an automatic race ban for the Azerbaijan GP.

“We are however respectful of the process and of the FIA decision,” the Ferrari statement continued but also called for improvements in the stewards decision making process.

“We are now looking forward to entering broader discussions with the FIA, F1, and all the teams, with the aim of further improving the policing our sport, in order to ensure the highest level of fairness and consistency that our sport deserves.”

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