F1 race #4 coming to the USA

Formula One spent years trying to crack ‘America’ and this year will see a trilogy of races weekends in the US of A. For some the adding more and more races into the United States is becoming a ‘crack’ habit that F1 just can’t kick as Stefano Domenicali now reveals his plans for a fourth US based race.

Since the late 1950’s F1 has visited 11 different circuits in the US with the Las Vegas strip about to become number 12. Yet with the exceptions of Watkins Glen (NY), Long Beach (LA) and the Circuit of the Americas the there locations have all been temporary in nature.



US race track failures

Of course the ‘street course’ race in Miami has several years to run on its contract, but the slew of other circuits came and went in the blink of an eye.

Phoenix and Dallas were introduced, but raced during the heat of the Sumer making the events a complete nightmare.

The Detroit street circuit was demanding but the track surface became the biggest competitor the drivers had to face and the infamous Ceasar’s Palace Grand Prix was held in a Vegas car lot.

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Horner talks of F1 race in NYC

Christian Horner who has his finger on the F1 pulse revealed his enthusiasm for a New York based racing weekend earlier this year.

“It would be amazing. Racing in big cities in the US is really exciting. A race here in the Big Apple, for example, what a spectacle that would be,” enthused the Red Bull boss.

“You can never say never. We’ve got other North American races as well, with Montreal, and there’s certainly demand for it, so why not? It’s great that there’s that much interest in Formula One in the US.”

“We’re fortunate to race in great venues, whether it’s the street circuit of Miami, or the track in Austin… Vegas this year is going to be an absolutely insane event too.”



F1 now a talking point in USA

Formula One is becoming a national talking point for Americans as Horner relates from experience.

“You feel it when you arrive, the guy at immigration knows who you are. It’s a step change from where it was previously, and the more we build on that and use that momentum the better.”

Yet were Formula One to hold an event in New York, it would have to be on a grand scale in Manhattan unlike the Formula E event located across the water in Brooklyn.

Vettel F1 return



NYC circuit has to include Central Park

5th Avenue and Central Park would need to feature as part of the circuit but whether New Yorkers would accede to the necessary disruption of their lives is highly questionable.

Many older F1 fans would love to see the sport return to its New York State road course location at Watkins Glen. 

The Glen was once a staple on the F1 calendar throughout the 1960’s and 70’s but has since faded from the International motor racing scene.

The high seed layout featuring sweeping corners and elevation changes together with street circuit type walls made the Glen an iconic venue for a variety of motor sports.



Watkins Glen return a no go

Yet it would require significantly upgrading to make the FIA grade 1 license required to host an F1 event and it would surely lose its original character ad charm.

Add to this ‘the Glen’ is around 4 hours travel from the Big Apple so its claim to be the New York race just wouldn’t wash.

A return to Long Beach was previously mooted by Bernie Ecclestone as a possibility for Formula One and whilst the landscape around the track has been transformed since F1 last raced there, its unlikely to deliver an entertaining race.

The course features an ultra tight final hairpin together with multiple chokepoints where the cars are forced into single file which would make the track as it is almost undriveable in an F1 car.

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Back to the Brickyard?

Of course Formula One could return to ‘the brickyard’, though memories of the 6 car F1 race of 2005 still linger for many fans. Whilst the Indianapolis Speedway is probably the most famous racing venue in the USA alongside Daytona Beach, the location has a general lack of appeal for international tourism. 

Despite the lack of an obvious candidate for a fourth F1 race in the US, Stefano Domenicali clearly has it on his agenda. If not for next year or the year after, but soon.



USA Race #4 is coming

Speaking to Sky Sports the F1 supremo revealed, “In this moment, we have three [US races] which I think is the right number for the next couple of years.

“The most important thing is that every Grand Prix has to be different in terms of personality – we want to have the city living the event, that’s the magic of Formula 1.”

And therein lies the key to what may be the biggest challenge for F1 yet to crack.

New York City.



It has to be NYC

Liberty Media’s president and CEO confirmed the NYC mayor’s office had reached out to them last year over a proposed race but offered Randall’s Island as the venue.

“Their proposal, Randall’s Island, is probably not our perfect venue,” said greg Maffei.

“New York is a wonderful venue, but it’s hard to see that they’re going to shut Central Park for us.”

And to coin the words of Frank Sinatra, If F1 can make it there… it can make it anywhere…

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  1. Daytona oval would get loads of American viewers. It is a shame the glen is a no go, but we can’t have the kids getting a hurty.

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