Vettel return to F1

Will Seb be Marko’s successor at Red Bull? Paddock ‘insider’ spreads explosive rumours about Vettel’s return to Formula 1.

Sebastian Vettel ended his Formula 1 career a few months ago. A paddock ‘insider’, however, can imagine a return of the German driver before the end of this year. He sees the four-time world champion in a role that has a lot to offer.


Will fans soon see Sebastian Vettel touring the world with Formula 1 again? According to Sky Sports pit lane reporter Ted Kravitz, this is a distinct possibility. He believes Seb will be back to the pinnacle of motorsport in a new role in the foreseeable future.



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Vettel retires

At 35, he competed in his final GP last year at Yas Marina after 16 years in F1, winning four world titles. It had been quite a career and one that had not followed a straightforward path, especially for such a perceptive and thoughtful character. So here was a man ending his career amidst an outpouring of genuine affection and a sense of sadness at his departure. A man who had once angered as many as he had endeared.

A driver perceived as arrogant and often cast as a villain, Vettel won those titles with Red Bull from 2010 to 2013. Dubbed “Finger Boy” for his triumphant wiggle of a finger after a win and his often ruthless, selfish, win-at-all-costs attitude, he was infamous for disobeying team orders in the infamous 21-race incident with Mark Webber, so determined was he to take victory.


And yet, without exception, all the drivers in Abu Dhabi praised Vettel glowingly. Two hundred members of the F1 paddock from teams, media and F1 came out to join Vettel on the track at Yas Marina on Saturday night, their small way of saying “thank you Seb” as their shirts read.

The youngster who made his debut in 2007 and then took F1 by storm to become its youngest world champion in 2010 has become a more mature, rounded man. 

For many fans, few would say they wouldn’t wish to see Sebastian Vettel return to F1, and perhaps their wishes might come true sooner rather than later.



Vettel comeback

It is “quite possible” that Formula 1 will see a comeback of Sebastian Vettel before the end of this year, the renowned journalist explained: “But it won’t be as a driver.”

Instead, Kravitz sees the 35-year-old returning in an advisory capacity – possibly with his former employer Red Bull.

“Possibly it will be Audi,” said Kravitz, referring to Vettel’s professional future, “but I think more likely he will return to Red Bull. I think he will replace Helmut Marko there, that is more likely [than Audi].”

Similar to Helmut Marko, Vettel could also act as an advisor at the Red Bulls, the Sky Sports reporter speculated.


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Will Vettel return to Formula 1 as a driver?

Kravitz, on the other hand, does not see a future as a driver in Formula 1 for Vettel.

“I really think he has decided not to drive anymore. And knowing him, he’s not going to disappoint everyone and say ‘Ahh, you know what? I wasn’t honest after all, here I am again, coming back as a driver,'” the reporter said.

Whether Kravitz’s bold prediction will come to pass is anyone’s guess at this stage. But if Vettel does indeed follow in Helmut Marko’s footsteps at Red Bull, he is likely to fill the role differently from the Austrian.


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Marko tours the world with the racing team and is personally present at all the races. In addition, he is regularly available for press talks between races.

Vettel actually wanted to escape this stress with his resignation – also and above all to have more time for his family. Accordingly, the role of a part-time advisor would probably be more suitable for him, if at all.

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