Williams in court

Rokit sues Williams for $149 million. The former Williams Racing Formula 1 sponsor is suing the team for damages while claiming that the team falsely promised a competitive car for the 2019 F1 season.

In 2022, Williams winning its case against ROKiT and collecting €32 million, in a case that had lasted two years, seemed to put the matter to rest… But that’s not the case.


Rokit ‘wants revenge’ on Williams

The American telecommunications company has just filed a lawsuit against the Williams team, claiming 149 million dollars. They claim that Williams was “aware of and concealed” the true potential of their car, despite promises of a falsely competitive car for the 2019 season.

ROKiT claims that the arbitration tribunal was unaware of the fraudulent concealment of material factual statements by the defendants (Williams), which were discovered after the arbitration was concluded. They have since learned that the car was never capable of meeting the standards guaranteed by Williams to ROKiT.


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Williams suffered the worst season in its history in 2019, finishing last in the Constructors’ Championship with just one point.


“The defendants intentionally and fraudulently concealed the fact that Williams Engineering simply did not have enough money to develop the F1 car.”

ROKiT says: “As a direct and proximate result of Defendants’ fraudulent statements, Plaintiffs have suffered substantial financial loss and damage to their customer base and business reputation,” and seeks compensation for “an amount in excess of $149,528,550.”




Williams responds

A statement from Williams to Speedcafe says:

“Williams Racing is aware of this false claim. Having successfully won arbitration against ROKiT in the United Kingdom and successfully requested that the award be confirmed by a federal court in the United States, Williams continues to rely on the court process in relation to this unfortunate matter.”

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