Injuries to spectator at Australian GP

A spectator was injured by debris during Formula 1 race. During the Australian Grand Prix, several accidents caused chaos on the race track. One spectator was hit by a piece of the Danish driver Kevin Magnussen’s car.

A spectator at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne was hit by a piece of debris from Kevin Magnussen’s car. The Formula 1 fan suffered a cut injury as a result.


The injured spectator, Will Sweet, told Australian radio station 3AW that he was standing at the track during Sunday’s race when the Danish driver’s car slammed into the trackside barrier, sending his tyre and debris flying into the air.

“It hit my arm and I was just standing there bleeding,” he said.

Australian media, such as 7, published a picture of Sweet holding a large piece of debris and blood running down his forearm, and another showing him being treated by a paramedic at the track. Sweet said debris from Magnussen’s car flew “right over the fence” and into the crowd.


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‘Lucky’ spectator feels it might’ve been more serious

“Honestly I’m feeling pretty lucky. It ended up being not as serious as it could have been,” he said.

“The piece of debris was quite large. Standing right next to me was my fiancee and she’s a bit shorter than me. So where it hit me in the arm it probably would have hit her right in the head. Honestly I’m feeling pretty lucky it wasn’t worse.”

In a sad twist, Street did not even get to keep the metal object that caused a gash on his arm.

“After it hit me I was obviously a bit confused and bleeding all over my partner’s nice rug. So I was busy dealing with that,” he joked.



He added that race organisers had not yet been in contact with him, but said he enjoyed the race – despite losing an argument with his fiancee.

“It was a great race, it was a ridiculous race,” he said.

“It was quite funny because after the accident with Kevin Magnussen my partner said: ‘Oh I don’t know if I feel safe standing here.’

“And we convinced her to stay in the spot because it was great. And a couple of laps afterwards two Alpines managed to crash right in front of us again. I kind of lost the argument!”


Race interrupted several times

Media reported a “chaos race” in Melbourne. The race had to be interrupted three times. The race control caused much incomprehension with the decision to order a restart with only one lap to go.

“I don’t think we needed the second red flag,” criticised winner Max Verstappen:

“It left a lot of drivers confused. It was very chaotic.”

Things got predictably hectic at the restart with just a few kilometres to go to the finish, with several accidents causing costly damage and much frustration among the drivers.

“They created the problem themselves,” Verstappen said in the direction of race control: “We should have finished behind the safety car.”

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