Massi reinstatement discussed in Melbourne

Sky’s pundit Ted Kravitz is no stranger to controversy. At the 2022 US Grand Prix he created a furore at Red Bull Racing when he apparently accused Max Verstappen of having “robbed” Lewis Hamilton of his 8th world title.

Red Bull Racing then refused all interviews with Sky for the entire weekend of the Mexican GP. 



Red Bull boycott Sky interviews

This was highly embarrassing for the broadcaster given the race winner was Max Verstappen.

Kravitz has aired his views a number of times on the events in Abu Dhabi 2021, where Michael Massi the F1 race director, ensured the race and the championship decided was not concluded behind the safety car.

Massi used an interpretation of the Safety Car protocol never seen before, but favoured the more aggressive Red Bull strategy rather than Mercedes’ decision to retain track position.

Ted is known to believe Lewis Hamilton was “robbed” of his 8th world title and in his round up of qualifying in Australia raised the spectre of Michael Massi again.



Kravitz believes Hamilton was “robbed”

“Let’s just finish up on Mercedes by saying the four letters – and a name that is important and has been around today, that is – Massi,” said Kravitz to camera in a slow and dramatic fashion.

“Michael Massi the ex FIA [F1] race director has been in the paddock for the first time since that fateful day in December 2021.

“And he’s been glad handing, saying help to drivers.”

“He hasn’t been saying hello to Mercedes’ people.”

Baku race weekend up in the air



Kravitz questions Massi presence at F1 event

Kravitz continues as though carefully selecting his words together with a sense of amazement that Massi has the cheek to appear again in an F1 paddock.

“Errr….. I don’t really…. I mean I do want to get into it, you know I do…. But I won’t.”

“Wh….wha….wha…. what’s he doing in Australia? 

“He’s in charge of Supercars, the V8 supercars, the Australian touring cars now.”

“But what’s he doing coming back into the Formula One paddock?”



Wittich asked for Massi assistance

“Some rumour that Formula One want him back because Neils Wittich needs help on the FIA race direction side.”

“But that’s not going to happen.”

“What’s Michael Massi doing in the paddock?”

The FIA at present are fast tracking a new tranche of senior F1 race officials together with new race directors to share the burden which now falls entirely on the shoulders of Neils Wittich.

Horner dismisses Perez’s opinion



FIA short of F1 race directors

However, Wittich agreed to fulfil the race director role part time alongside Eduardo Freitas, who has since been benched for making decisions with potentially dangerous consequences at the 2022 Japanese GP.

Wittich is known to be reluctant to fulfil the duties of F1 race director for the entire 23 races this season together with the associated sprints; and the new breed of FIA officials may take a year or two before they have gained the necessary experience.

This leaves the FIA with little alternative other than to revisit utilising Massi’s services once again.



Mercedes alleged FIA legal action 

Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton were highly vocal in their criticism of Massi and are believed to have threatened legal action against the FIA unless he was benched from his position. 

Massi was duly withdrawn by the FIA, to “other” duties, although he resigned his position returning to Australia in July last year.

Of course Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton would be most vocal should the FIA re-appoint Massi alongside Wittich with Hamilton even threatening to boycott races.

Tensions rise between Mercedes’ team mates



Hamilton boycott of races 

Lewis boycotted the mandatory FIA Gala presentation in 2021 following his defeat in Abu Dhabi by Verstappen.

Yet now the dust has settled it may well be time to once again revisit the events of that dramatic evening in Emirate state. Maybe  even re-write the history that has created the current witch hunt mentality as expressed by Kravitz towards Massi.

Following a number of unsatisfactory finishes to Grand Prix events the teams had beseeched the Michael Massi to attempt to ensure races did not end behind the safety car.



Maybe history needs revisiting

Massi in Abu Dhabi 2021 merely found a creative way to ensure this occurred, only unfortunately Mercedes had failed to take the risk of pitting their star driver for fresh rubber.

Due to a non-disclosure agreement between himself and the FIA, Masi is unable to discuss Abu Dhabi ’21.

It’s yet to be seen whether Red Bull Racing take offence at Kravitz latest piece to camera and again boycott him and his Sky presenters next time out in Azerbaijan.

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    • Yes… yes and yes…

      One thing also, Ted has joined the gravy train of white guilt and far leftist bs.

      I truly wonder if his temporary dismissal from Sky scared him so bad that he hired a consultant and they looked at what will guarantee him a job on tv… and then just jumped both feet in.

  1. I guess Kravitz doesn’t recognize other Motorsport series? Wasn’t there a supercars race at the same event?

    I think the question should be why is Kravitz still spouting his filth to the masses in front of a camera?

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