Surprising separation: Lewis Hamilton refuses to answer

“We are still very close” says Hamilton, but this is as much as he’s willing to give away. After seven years of successful collaboration, Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton and physiotherapist Angela Cullen have ended their professional relationship. Since then, there has been much speculation about the reasons for this. The British driver himself is evasive when asked about the matter.

In an emotional statement last week, Lewis Hamilton announced the end of his collaboration with physiotherapist Angela Cullen. A step that came as a surprise to everyone in the paddock and also to the fans, after all, the 48-year-old had been looking after the fitness of the seven-time world champion around the clock for seven years and earned an excellent reputation in the process.


Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff was the first to reveal in Jeddah that the split happened at Hamilton’s request.

“Lewis has decided to go in a different direction. That is solely his decision. We are not involved,” the Austrian said about the physiotherapist’s departure.



Refuses to comment

Hamilton himself would not comment on the reasons for his decision on Sunday. Asked if he could say why he was parting ways with Cullen, the British driver said succinctly: “No.” At the same time, the 38-year-old affirmed that the relationship between him and the therapist remained intact.

“She’s been supporting me with text messages all weekend. Me and Ange are cool with each other. She is now starting a new phase in her life.

“We are still very close and have written to each other every day so far. She is massively supportive of me and I am massively supportive of her. […] She is one of my closest friends and she will stay that way,” Hamilton assured.




Hamilton looking for ‘a change’

Toto Wolff, meanwhile, hinted that the split was not as surprising as one might think. “We have noticed for some time that Lewis was looking for a change,” the team boss said. If something is no longer working, “you have to deal with it honestly and implement changes,” the Austrian hinted that there may have been rifts between Hamilton and Cullen, at least on a professional level.


So clearly things were not working out between Lewis and Cullen and the British driver decided enough was enough.

“Angela will always be a mascot of the team. She’s the only one who has a louder voice than a starting car!” Continued Wolff.

“But, if this is what [Hamilton] decides, we will always absolutely support him, whatever direction he wants to take.”

Paddock rumours exist suggesting Hamilton is not in a great place mentally given the long haul ahead of his Mercedes team to deliver a car in which he can win races.



In England, meanwhile, there is speculation that the physiotherapist also welcomes the separation. They say that Cullen wants to spend more time with her family after the exhausting years. Something that is not possible in the stressful everyday life of Formula 1.

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