RBR will find it tough to beat Rosberg’s W8 records

After another dominant performance from Red Bull Racing at this weekends Formula One race around the corniche in Jeddah, Lewis Hamilton commented this weekend that the RB19 is the “fastest car I’ve ever seen.”

This almost defeatist admission suggests Hamilton’s memory is indeed short given some of the dominant carsMercedes have provided him with to win six of his F1 world championships.



2016 Mercedes most dominent season

The most dominant Mercedes was in fact the one that saw Lewis’ team mate claim the drivers’ F1 title in 2016 as the W8 powered to 19 victories in a 21 race long season.

Yet Hamilton maintains, “I’ve definitely never seen a car so fast.”

“When we were fast, we weren’t that fast.

“I think that’s the fastest car I’ve seen, especially compared to the rest.



Hamilton’s memory is short

“I don’t know how or why but [Verstappen] came passed me [with] some serious speed – I didn’t even bother to block because it was just a massive speed difference.”

Of course Verstappen’s drive through the field from his starting position of 15th to P2 was impressive, yet Hamilton himself has delivered equally dominant performances when the stars have been aligned in his favour.

During the epic championship battle with Verstappen in 2021, Mercedes gave Hamilton a new power unit for the race in Sao Paulo and the British driver used the extra performance at altitude to come from last to take the chequered flag in P1.



Red Bull DRS pace ‘astonishing’

Sky’s Ted Kravitz agrees with Hamilton who clarified Lewis ‘fastest ever car’ claim. 

”A, it is, Lewis Hamilton is right, and B, what he is referring to is the ease at which Max Verstappen was able to pass him on the straight the moment he opened his DRS,” said Kravitz.

“What Lewis is saying is he had never seen someone gain quite so much speed by opening the DRS.

“He doesn’t understand how this is possible.



RBR stalling the rear wing and the floor?

“There is lots of technical intrigue on Formula 1, lots of people will be looking at the Red Bull and saying how are they able to gain nearly 20 miles an hour advantage on that straight than anyone else?

Kravitz questions, “Are they doing something with that rear wing that not only stalls out the rear wing but stalls out the floor and other aerodynamics around the car?

“So, that will be I am sure the latest round of technical intrigue in Formula 1 when we get to the next round in Australia.”



Mercedes W14 distinctly average 

On the other hand to could be that Hamilton is driving a distinctly average Mercedes car which may yet prove its real competition is fighting with the Alpine to be the 4th and 5th quickest cars on the grid.

Lewis has never had a car that is truly a midfield contender and there will be many drivers who testify in amazement to the speed Hamilton has generated when lapping their inferior technology.

Yet if Red Bull have a target as a team this season it would be to beat the 2016 W8 car which propelled Rosberg’s to his world championship.

Mercedes could have won all 21 races that season but for Hamilton and Rosberg taking each other out at the Spanish Grand handed the victory to Max Verstappen.



Rosberg’s title winning car a tough act to beat

Daniel Ricciardo was to win the other race Mercedes failed to claim that year, as again Rosberg suffered first lap contact with Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton suffered a rare engine failure.

It will be tough for Red Bull Racing to win every race this season as Mercedes demonstrated in 2016. If the drivers’ championship remains tight between Verstappen and Perez for several more rounds, the likelihood of them coming together increases with each passing race.

Though as Ted Kravitz also observes of Perez, “he can make it competitive, but Red Bull is ultimately behind Max Verstappen.”

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4 responses to “RBR will find it tough to beat Rosberg’s W8 records

  1. Hamilton is just being Hamilton and trying to up-talk his own performance and down-talk
    others. By repeatedly stating that the RB is the fastest car ever, he tries to lower Max’s skills towards the direction of ‘it’s just the car’ and at the same time he tries to minimize the ‘it’s just the car’ opinion regarding his own WDC’s.

    Nevertheless.. The facts and track-performance compared to teammates, does not lie. Hamilton is a mediocre driver. Without a superior car … it shows. Without a docile, even more mediocre teammate… it shows even more.

    • Even more than Hamilton, it is Ted Kravitz who is showing his claws and deep dislike of both RBR and Max. I have not seen a more lowly worm than him. Probably the other worm Toto and Kravitz are acting in consonance to call RBR’s performance into question. Quite soon, I am sure, the FIA will bend over backwards to these vermin and demand to investigate the RBR car. However, I must admit I am amazed by the genius of Toto to find new objections and use his power and influence in FIA.
      Toto found Sulayem unco-operative and generated enough controversy to drive him away and take control of FIA. Hamilton too would rejoice but unfortunately, he has a lemon for a car just now. I am just waiting to see how the two would begin to scream should MB make some progress.

  2. The Mercedes looks pretty quick when George is driving it. It was only 0.5 seconds off of pole position and is joint second in the championship. Come on Lewis don’t give up yet your team deserves better support than that!

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