“Very F*** slow!” Steiner explains Schumacher rant

Mick “saw the Haas exit coming”: Team boss Günther Steiner has now revealed how the moment of separation went down. At the same time, the Italian South Tyrolean man explained one of his rants about the German, which could be seen and heard in the Netflix Formula 1 documentary series “Drive to Survive”.

In Formula 1, Haas team boss Günther Steiner is one of those people who wears their heart on their sleeve, and amongst F1 fans this has earned the Haas boss many admirers. Steiner’s emotional outbursts can be best enjoyed in the Netflix documentary series “Drive to Survive”. It is not uncommon to see him targetting his own drivers and giving them a verbal kicking.


Mick Schumacher, too, had to listen to one or the other of the team boss’s rants during his two years at Haas. When the German was worried about the temperature of the brakes during a race, Steiner raged at the pit wall:

“He’s worried about the brakes overheating? Fucking sh***! He’s driving so f***ing slow that he doesn’t need the brakes at all!”



Steiner explains his ranting

In an interview with “iNews”, the 57-year-old now explained what exactly his rant was all about.

“In a racing situation like this you are high like on drugs. Sometimes you say things that you would never say in your right mind…

“Just one hour later you would do things completely differently,” said Steiner, justifying his outburst, which was not directed at Mick Schumacher personally.


Things did get personal between the two when Steiner told Schumacher about the break-up.

“I sat down with him and told him that we need an experienced driver to take the team forward. It’s part of the job. It’s not nice and I don’t enjoy it, but you have to remain professional on this subject,” said the Italian.

Working with a Schumacher is “not easy”, the team boss added: “But he took it very maturely. He was not happy. But I would say he saw it coming…

“He’s a clever boy. He had two years. We didn’t get to where we wanted to go and I had to change something. You can’t go on like this if you’re not moving forward.”

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