Hamilton on banning

Hamilton does not want to have his mouth shut says the British driver, and does not want to abide by the new guidelines of the FIA regarding the expression of opinions and political views.

The FIA had specified in its statutes that drivers are forbidden to make political, religious and personal statements or comments that violate the general principle of neutrality in particular, unless they have been approved in writing by the federation beforehand.


Hamilton, who for years has also used his worldwide fame in the fight for equality and diversity and against racism, among other things, now stressed that “nothing can stop me from talking about the things I am passionate about”.

If there is something that needs to be said, he will continue to do so says Hamilton, the driver confirmed this yesterday during the presentation of the new Mercedes W14 F1 car for the coming season. The Silver Arrow will be painted black again, as in 2020 and 2021, although this time mainly for weight reasons.



“Certain responsibility”

“The sport has a certain responsibility to help draw attention to grievances,” explained Hamilton, who is the self-appointed political spokesman for the drivers, especially together with Sebastian Vettel, until the latter’s career ended after last season.

Nothing will change for him, stressed the 38-year-old Hamilton, who was the first black man to make it into Formula 1 in 2007.

Teammate George Russell agreed with his fellow Britishman. “I think it’s totally unnecessary,” he said of the ban, still hoping it was a ‘just misunderstanding’.

“We’re not going to restrict our views and thoughts with any stupid rules.”


Hamilton noted he thinks “it would be silly to say” that he “would want to get penalty points for speaking out,” but maintained that, “I am still going to be speaking my mind. We still have this platform, and there are still a lot of things we need to tackle.”

After winning the Tuscan Grand Prix in 2020, Hamilton wore a shirt that read “Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor” on the front, with an image of Taylor on the back and the words “Say her name.”

This of course will not now be permitted at a race going forward under the current ruling.

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5 responses to “Hamilton on banning

  1. Why does Hamilton not voice his opinion on Africa, the continents of , still existing Slavery, genital mutilation, kidnapping, police brutality ( blacks on Blacks) , fraud,. Murder, forced under age marriages, thieving, as always shown on the Australien News channel,
    Instead, thriving on BML issues, where one white cop went too far, apprehending a Black Villain, who refused to with all his strength, to get into the police car.
    Five Black cops, beat and kicked a black man to death, ( like they do it in Africa )
    This time, there was no looting, burning cars and buildings, damaging statues from long time ago ?
    Wake up Hamilton, you are not Black, you are a Person of mixed race.
    So be a good boy, and try to accept the rules

  2. FIA asks, now demands, you do not use their venue for your own personal political agenda. That is a perfectly normal and reasonable rule (used in many other venues).

    I hope he fucks around and finds out…

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