Big issue for Verstappen’s Red Bull

Max Verstappen’s Formula 1 title defence this season will be significantly hampered according to Red Bull as the team already faces significant restrictions due to penalty exceeding budget cap. Team boss Christian Horner reveals that the punishment they received for exceeding the budget ceiling is already hampering his team’s development of the car for 2023.

The FIA penalised Red Bull with a hefty $7 million fine and a restriction on the use of the wind tunnel after it emerged that they had exceeded the budget cap in 2021. Team boss Christian Horner reveals that they are significantly hampered by the measures but are trying to minimise their impact.



“We have about 25 per cent of the penalty time behind us and it has definitely had an impact,” Horner told Racer.

“It significantly limits the number of runs we can do per quarter in our wind tunnel. And I think the team has to adapt to that. And it just means being a bit more focused and disciplined in what we test in the tunnel or in our simulation tools.”

“So it’s a different challenge. It’s definitely a handicap to start the year that way, but we have very competent people looking at how we can best tackle this.”



Red Bull in favour of budget cap

Horner is in favour of the budget cap but he feels there may be some things that need to be clarified because, after all, it is a big adjustment for the teams and engine builders.

“It already forces teams to be more efficient for example, nobody can afford to produce spare parts anymore that will never be used and end up on the scrap heap,”


“But the regulations are still in their infancy,” Horner continued. “It’s only the second year. So they are still evolving and they are still being fine-tuned and introduced in terms of engine builders. I think in principle it is a good thing for Formula 1 and it creates a more level playing field but there are still things to be worked out.”


Then Horner is mainly talking about the contradictions that are still there at the moment:

“At the moment we see a contradiction on the chassis development side and the engine side of things. In the chassis department they can have a Christmas drink and in the engine department they can’t!” says Horner with a quip.

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