The ‘real’ Haas 2023 F1 car

Haas presented its 2023 Formula 1 livery today. American team became the first on the grid to unveil its new colours for the 2023 Formula One season on Tuesday with the presentation of the VF-23 livery. The real car is expected to be unveiled in Bahrain during winter testing in late February.

The Haas team presented the livery of its car for the 2023 F1 season on Tuesday 31 January. The car will be driven by Danish driver Kevin Magnussen and German driver Nico Hülkenberg, who is making his comeback in the elite motorsport category this year.


The American team did not present the 2023 car on Tuesday, but only the livery that will be used throughout the 2023 Formula One campaign. The livery differs from last season’s with the appearance of the logo of the team’s new title sponsor, MoneyGram.



Fake car launch

The series of digital renderings released by the team feature a balanced mix of red, white and black on the VF-23 livery – key colours for MoneyGram and Haas.

“We collaborated step-by-step to bring this livery to life, building on our many similarities while playing to each of our unique strengths,” explained Alex Holmes, president of MoneyGram.

“As we both enter a brand new era with a clear plan and vision in place, we are ready to work closely together to reach new heights this year. The stylish design of the livery is symbolic of who MoneyGram is today, a company ready for the future, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come.”



The “real” Haas VF-23 on track

We’ll have to wait a few more days to see the “real” Haas VF-23 as the American team has organised a day of filming at the Silverstone track on Saturday 11 February

While Haas presented the digital renderings of the 2023 car’s livery on Tuesday (see here), the “real” VF-23 will be seen on track in the next few days as part of a shakedown at Silverstone in the UK



The photos released on Tuesday by Haas only show the livery that will be used by the team this season and not the 2023 car. To see it in real life, you will have to wait until February 11, when the Haas team will run its VF-23 at Silverstone for a day of filming.

“I like the livery, it’s definitely a more modern look as we enter a new era alongside MoneyGram as title partner,” said team headmaster Guenther Steiner.

“It’s an exciting time of year in Formula 1 and it’s great that we are the first to present our livery, but our focus is firmly on getting the VF-23 on track and preparing for the season ahead.”



“We really have something to build on after last year’s performance. The whole organisation has worked hard to get to this point and obviously with Kevin (Magnussen) and Nico (Hülkenberg) we have two proven talents to score points behind the wheel. I can’t wait to get started.”

Official pre-season testing will take place from February 23-25 at the Bahrain International Circuit. The 2023 Formula 1 World Championship will kick off a week later with the Bahrain Grand Prix opening the season on March 5.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your article about Haas presenting its 2023 Formula 1 livery. It is interesting to know that the American team became the first on the grid to unveil its new colours for the 2023 Formula One season. The mix of red, white, and black on the VF-23 livery, along with the MoneyGram logo, gives a modern look to the car. I find it intriguing that Haas only presented the livery and not the 2023 car itself. It makes me wonder if there are any significant changes to the car’s design, performance, or technology. It is good to hear that the team has two proven talents, Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hülkenberg, to drive the VF-23 and score points behind the wheel.

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