Ford F1 Red Bull announcement set for NY show

Ford F1 entry set for New York RB18 reveal: The board members in Stuttgart at one of the most famous sports car and motor racing brands in the world are set for a humiliating experience this Friday. Red Bull are preparing to present their “new car” which will be a mere mock up chassis with the new livery for 2023 on display.

In the world of AI generated images and deepfake videos, Formula One has followed suit and the teams are revealing less and less each year of their actual ‘new’ F1 challengers.



Porsche wailing and gnashing of F1 teeth?

Red Bull Racing is set to present at its launch event in New York on Friday and paddock rumours grow stronger each day that a partnership with Ford will also be announced.

Given the time and effort Porsche invested in negotiating with Red Bull Racing in an attempt to reach a deal that would see the brand re-enter Formula One, it could be a painful time.

The German brand is apparently no closer to finding a route into the world’s premier single seater motorsports event than it was 12 months ago.

Ford’s rivals General Motors attempted to steal a march on the American auto manufacturer competition 2 weeks ago the Andretti Racing announced they were partnering with Cadillac in their F1 entry application.



Ford beats GM to the F1 grid

However, Andretti Global, has not yet been accepted by the FIA as an 11th team for F1, so Ford’s tie up with Red Bull Racing will give them the last laugh – for now.

Ford ended their association with Formula One last when they sold the Jaguar team to Red Bull in 2004 and withdrew from the sport. And so a Ford/Red Bull hookup would contain a tinge of irony given the history of the Milton Keynes based squad.

Ford power units still stand in P3 on the all time F1 wins record for engine manufacturers and a tie up with RBR would surely see them add to this tally.



Will Honda still be involved in F1

Red Bull have set up their own powertrains division following Honda’s official withdrawal from the sport in 2001. However, the power unit Red Bull Racing will use until the new regulations arrive in 2023 will be that of the Honda based design prior to the FIA freezing all F1 power unit development.

Red Bull and Honda entered a new agreement for technical support until the end of 2025 last season and the Honda logo subsequently reappeared in the Autumn on the winning RB18.

Honda withdrew from F1 to focus on its carbon neutral agenda and the Japanese manufacturer was keen to point out the extended agreement from 2023-2025 was not at odds with this agenda.



Honda AND Ford as Red Bull partners?

Honda Racing Corporation CEO Koji Watanabe said at the time: “We have agreed to continue supporting Red Bull Power Trains in Formula 1 through HRC, following Red Bull’s request to extend our current agreement, which HRC can meet within its existing resources. 

Once again, we aim to use our involvement in the pinnacle of motorsport for the development of technologies and of our workforce.”

At the time it was widely reported that Red Bull may reach an agreement with Honda to provide the electrical components of the new 2026 power unit while either Red Bull Powertrains or Porsche delivered the internal combustion engine, gearbox and other associated mechanical components.

Of course were Ford to enter the fray, Red Bull Racing would need to square the circle on how both Honda and Ford are presented as vital partners in their contributions to the 2026 power units.

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  1. all this above stated seems like a bullshit but nowadays nothing can surprise me about F1 anymore – even the most unbelievable theories. so we WILL SEE

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