South African GP set to miss another deadline

There has been much talk in recent years about Formula One returning to race in Africa. Lewis Hamilton has spoken on the topic several times and revealed in Belgium last year, “I’ve been pushing a lot in the background to get the grand prix there,” said the Mercedes driver. “I’m happy that there’s talks.”

Yet the talks led to nothing and the vacant spring slot on the F1 calendar reserved for South Africa proved to be a reprieve for the Belgium GP which was set to be dropped.


South African GP hosting fee guaranteed

TimesLIVE had reported that SA billionaire businessman Patrice Motsepe had agreed to sponsor the $35m (R590m) hosting fee for a local race.

However, rumour had it that the $7m required to upgrade the Kyalami circuit had not been found and so the circuit remains without the necessary FIA grade 1 certification required to host Formula 1.

Confirming the event would not proceed, Warren Scheckter, CEO of South African Grand Prix, moved to quash rumours that the event was short of cash.



Circuit fails FIA standards for F1

“I have seen some of the reports put out, with most of the information being incorrect.  Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to provide detail, but there will be no 2023 South African Grand Prix.”

The deals for a modern Formula One promoter tend to be multi-year and usually for at least 5 years. There was also a question mark whether Motsepe was prepared to commit to such a timescale.

According to Racing365 there have been rumours that a Miami entertainment company has joined the fray and offered to co-sponsor a South African GP at Kyalami, though FOM are believed to have issued a deadline of March 31st 2023 for all contracts and finance to be agreed and in place.



Another missed deadline – a permanent reprieve for Belgium

Should the deadline come and go without the contracts being signed, this would pave the way for a permanent reprieve for the Belgium GP.

The Formula One right’s holders and the FIA will surely refuse to be subject to the annual debacle around the South African GP and instruct the promoters of the race in Spa to complete the necessary circuit improvements and award them a five year contract.

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