Wolff denies rumour: “He would tell me to F$£K off!”

With the appointment of former Mercedes chief strategist James Vowles at Williams as team boss, there are rumours that Mercedes is now getting an even bigger stake at Williams who would become the German giant’s B team, but Toto Wolff denies that his Formula 1 team has any say in the policy of the British squad.

The Austrian says that the newly appointed team boss will make his choices based on what is needed from Williams, without taking Mercedes into account. Wolff is also convinced that Vowles would immediately send him away at such a question.


With the appointment of James Vowles, rumours are circulating that Mercedes will now have an even stake at Williams, but Toto Wolff denies all rumours.

The Austrian reveals that the newly appointed team boss will make his choices based on what is needed from Williams, taking no account of Mercedes. Moreover, Wolff is convinced that Vowles would send him away immediately on such a demand.


Talking to Racer, Wolff sees a trend emerging when he looks at the top men appointed at the moment at different teams.

“We are all a bit of the same generation. Not in terms of age, because James is younger, but as people who have risen to leadership positions within Formula 1.

“And that’s Fred Vasseur, Laurent Rossi, Andreas Seidl, we all are. But there is one thing in common and that is that we are in these positions to defend our position and our teams, to do everything in our power to prosper.”



Williams not serving Mercedes

Wolff therefore dismisses the suggestion that Williams is actually a glorified B-team of Mercedes, and would make decisions in Mercedes’ interests.

“If I could sit down with James and ask him to side with Mercedes, he would tell me to F$£K off.

“So there was always the speculation that Williams, because of the Mercedes engine, was an underdog, but none of that was true. We never interfered with any driver situation, we always understood the authority of the team management in their own way, and therefore James is going to do what is right for the team.”


It is therefore for this reason that the Austrian is certain that Vowles will not run blindly behind Mercedes, but will independently make a decision in Williams’ favour.

“He is going to be judged on the success of the team, and if Mercedes is useful then he will talk about it and if he thinks he should have another position then he will stand for that position.

2So I have no doubt that this will benefit Formula 1 as a whole, because he is not driven by ego. He is rational, he is logical, he understands the sport through and through and that is a good contribution to what we do.”

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2 responses to “Wolff denies rumour: “He would tell me to F$£K off!”

  1. maybe that is why Capito left, used at VW to do as he wished for the best of the team and not to be told to do it for the benefit of the other one

  2. Indeed. People shouldn’t think in such a way anyway.
    In principle, no different than Vasseur’s Ferrari move as in both cases, an individual changed teams between ones sharing a PU manufacturer.

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