DJ competes with Hamilton & Rosberg

“We are in it to win it” claims techno DJ who is challenging Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Once upon a time, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were team-mates at Mercedes in Formula 1. Away from the pinnacle of motorsport, the two former world champions duel in the Extreme E racing series, where they now have competition from a well-known techno DJ.

As the Extreme E officially announced on Wednesday, Carl Cox is entering the series with his own team.

“I’m here to make a difference. To have the opportunity to be part of something so dynamic on four wheels is a dream come true,” the British star DJ commented on his involvement on the official Extrem E site.



“We are in it to win”

Racing is “in his blood, just like music, and I will bring my passion and energy to this series and build something special,” Cox assured.

The 60-year-old elaborated, “Being involved in electric racing is new to me, but I am a quick learner and will bring my hard-earned knowledge and experience into the mix of Extreme E. Carl Cox Motorsport is here to do it with all comers and we’re going to hit the ground running. We’re in it to win it.”


Alejandro Agag, founder and CEO of Extreme E, expressed his delight at the techno-musician’s entry.

“We all know Carl as the superstar that he is, but in addition to his musical talents, his passion for motorsport is unmistakable,” the entrepreneur explained.



F1 greats are in the series

There are some big names from motorsport active in Extreme E. With Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button, among others, three former Formula 1 world champions have their own team.

In the 2021 season, Rosberg’s racing team “Rosberg X Racing” secured the title. In 2022, Hamilton’s team “X44” was at the top.


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