Verstappen’s startling statements about his future

Max Verstappen has been impressive since his arrival in Formula 1 and is now a two-time world champion. At the peak of his career, the Dutchman has spoken out several times in recent months about his future; and unlike Sebastian Vettel, who retired at the age of 35, or Fernando Alonso, who is still competitive at 41, the 25-year-old Red Bull driver is not planning to stay in F1 too long.

Max Verstappen is dominating Formula 1. After winning his first world championship title in 2021, the Dutchman has gone from strength to strength this season. Despite good starts from Ferrari and Charles Leclerc, the Red Bull driver has seemed above the rest this year. With no real competition, he was crowned for the second time in a row, offering his team the constructors’ championship.

This suggests that Max Verstappen may dominate the next few years, just like Lewis Hamilton.



“I won’t keep doing this until I’m 40…”

Except that Super Max seems to already have an idea of what he wants to do next. The 25-year-old Verstappen does not see himself racing in Formula One until he is 40, as Fernando Alonso does.

“I’ve often said that’s too long. That’s the main reason why I won’t continue doing this until I’m 40. It’s not healthy to travel so much and be so active.

“I still love the sport, but you have to give up a lot of things. It sounds crazy, because driving in F1 is of course a dream for many people. But you are always very far from home and the people you love. There’s a point where you’re done with it,” he said of his future, in a quote reported by



“When I’m 31 there will be a new Dutchman ready”

Prior to this, Max Verstappen had said that he might stop once his contract with Red Bull is up in 2028. But there is one thing he would like to do before he retires from Formula 1 for good: another Dutchman to take over.

“But that’s just the way it is. When I’m done with it, I’ll stop. It’s as simple as that. I hope that by then I will have succeeded in inspiring and motivating the young Dutch generation so that by the time I stop, there might be a new talent ready. I hope that when I’m 31, there will be a new one ready.”



“I really want to do endurance racing”

Max Verstappen wants to be able to devote himself to other motorsports while still being at the top of his game. After Formula 1, he wants to focus on endurance racing:

“Everyone knows that I don’t want to race in Formula 1 at Fernando’s age and that I have other desires in motor sport. I have said that I really want to do endurance racing at some point.

“This is actually moving forward for several reasons. Maybe a few more years, two or three years before I want to do this. One of the reasons I’m going to try and do this soon, before my F1 contract is up, is that my father is past 50. He’s getting too old and I want to do it with him.”






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