Disaster predicted for Hamilton

After eight years of unchallenged domination, Mercedes was stopped in its tracks, caught short by the new Formula 1 regulations. Nevertheless, the German team has picked up the pace. For 2023, Nico Rosberg fears a complicated start to the season, although he believes it should improve fairly quickly. In his opinion, the progress of the car could create tension between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, potentially disaster is predicted for Hamilton as he tries to get his 8th title.

Ferrari and Red Bull were far too strong this season for Mercedes to have any hope in 2022. The Silver Arrows surrendered the F1 constructors’ title eight years later. The season was not easy at all but the German team bounced back at the end, notably with George Russell’s victory in Brazil.

If the scenario is to be similar next season, at least in the early stages, Nico Rosberg believes that the improvements that are likely to follow could damage the relationship between Russell and Lewis Hamilton.



“I think they will stay behind”

“The car inherently has more drag than a Ferrari or a Red Bull and that’s something they still have to try and understand.

“I think that’s the last key that’s missing to really fight for wins and championships next year. Will they be able to fix this problem over the winter?

“I’m still banking on them being a little bit behind at the beginning of the season. Because this year they have spent a lot of time fixing the problems with the car rather than developing it. So I think they’ll be left behind, but given the development they’ve had this year, I still see them having a chance to play for the championship next season.

“I really believe that,” said Nico Rosberg.




“I can’t wait to see how Toto Wolff will manage drivers”

What Nico Rosberg fears most is the relationship between the British duo of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, obviously based on his experiences as Mercedes team mate to Lewis. If Mercedes returns to the front row, tensions could arise according to the former German driver.

“Lewis is still at his best so it will be difficult to beat him over a whole season, but it will be great to watch because it was very close this year.

“George is a future world champion, that’s for sure. I’m also looking forward to seeing how Toto Wolff manages his two drivers.

“It’s one thing to manage them when they are fighting for tenth or sixth place, but it will be a different story if the drivers are fighting for the win every time, or even for the championship. So I’m curious to see that,” fears Rosberg.

Toto Wolff could therefore find himself dealing with a similar situation to the one he experienced with Hamilton and Rosberg.

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  1. Because he has no future ,stick you head back in the sand ,you should know how it tastes by know ,lewis is a legend, get off his back ,

  2. He is and will always be a bad looser with dirty tactics ! The kind of the one we have seen so many times on the track! Lord have mercy on him!

  3. Wise words , we have heard the grumbles and suffered the injustice of rule being flouted what does it matter if the punishment does not fit the crime. life is not fair.

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