Verstappen wins award

Two-time Formula 1 champion Max Verstappen became Dutch Sportsman of the Year for the third time on 21 December. Verstappen managed to trump Dutch speed skater Thomas Krol and Dutch cyclist Harrie Lavreysen, who were also nominated.

The Red Bull Racing driver had a spectacular 2022 season in which he managed to prolong his world title and break a record. So, thanks to his fine performance, he may now receive the award. Last year, the reigning world champion already managed to win the honour after his performance in the 2021 Formula 1 season.


For Verstappen, the honorary title is not his first award this year. The driver was already named international driver of the year at the Autosport Awards.

Given the season the Dutchman has had, that is not very surprising. Verstappen achieved 15 victories in a single season, which is a new record in Formula 1. In doing so, he kept the competition at a street length behind.

Verstappen beat speed skater Krol, who won Olympic gold in Beijing, and track cyclist Lavreysen who won gold twice in track cycling.


Last year, the two-time world champion also managed to seize the honorary Sportsman of the Year title. Back then, the driver played an important role in the Formula 1 title race for the first time and in the final race in Abu Dhabi, he finally managed to beat Lewis Hamilton.

At the time, the then brand-new world champion held off Niek Kimmann, an extremely talented BMX rider, and Lavreysen.




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