Study shows Red Bull “shocking” abuse

Christian Horner believes Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen have been specifically targeted for extreme abuse. Sitting alongside Zac Brown at the US GP team principal’s press conference, Horner stated, “It’s tremendously disappointing,” said Horner. “It’s absolutely shocking that another competitor, without the facts, without the details can be making that kind of accusation.”

Brown had written a letter to the FIA demanding Formula One’s governing body take tough action against any team in breach of the cost cap describing such a transgression as “cheating”.



Horner blames competitors’ accusations

When writing the letter Brown knew full well Red Bull had been found in breach because of a ‘leak’ two weeks earlier in Singapore. The McLaren team bosses letter was subsequently ‘leaked’ to the BBC.

Horner continued, “We’ve been on trial because of public opinion since Singapore [when reports of Red Bull breach emerged]. The rhetoric of cheats, that we’ve had this enormous benefit, and numbers have been put out by the media that are miles out of reality.

“The damage that does to the brand, to our partners, to our drivers, to our workforce… in an age when mental health is prevalent we’re seeing significant issues within our workforce. We’re seeing kids that are being bullied in playgrounds, employees’ children.

“You cannot go around just making that kind of allegation from any fact or substance. We absolutely are appalled at the behaviour of some of our competitors.”



F1 study of online abuse

A study undertaken by The Female Drive and Areto Labs reveals the scale of F1’s problem with trolling as it tracked over 1 million online comments made across recent events.

295,000 comments during the F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi were reviewed and 25,000 found to be toxic together with 2,100 as severely toxic.

Emotions had been running high following Max Verstappen’s refusal to allow his team mate through for extra points at the Sau Paulo GP a week earlier. This was reflected in the comments reviewed.



Verstappen targeted

Comments made about Max Verstappen were 20% abusive and 9% were categorised as high risk.

The review of Red Bull’s comments showed 14% were abusive and 4% deemed to be ‘high risk.

Online abuse has been the bain of F1 and the FIA this season in particular however this study demonstrates their efforts have had little or no effect.

You can read the study below, however, beware certain content is extremely abusive.

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4 responses to “Study shows Red Bull “shocking” abuse

  1. Red bull ask for everything they get, Horner constantly whines and moans about everything, Verstappen thinks he is above the rules and is a dangerous driver, also redbull have been found out cheating and still Horner moans about it. Everyone one in the world knows Hamilton was cheated out of his 8th world title. What most people dislike about redbull and especially Verstappen is their win at all cost attitude, they would rather win by a didgy disqualification or cheat than take an honourable loss. Belt up and grow up

  2. Horrible Horner complaining of bullying, what about the bullying him and his mates did and still doing to Hamilton ! They call him all sorts of names, Hamilton should be a mad man after years of bullying! Horner you don’t know what is bullying is , ask Hamilton.

  3. Mr Horner, “ There’s no smoke without fire”, you were caught cheating by overspending and fined, so instead of continually whinging and blaming others, look into your own camp and lead by example. Hypocrisy at its worst.

  4. I have never known anyone who is a hypocrite to the extent Horner is. Ive never known Horners extent of manipulation.
    Zac doing the right and noble thing (unlike the FIA) and Horner doesn’t like it?
    Win at any and all cost is Horners mindset. He takes gaining a competitive advantage far to far in my opinion..

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