Verstappen trajectory set to eclipse Lewis Hamilton F1 records

Max Verstappen aged 25 is already an F1 double world champion and according to MyBettingSites is on a trajectory that will see him eclipse all of Lewis Hamilton’s records. This weekend in Mexico the Dutch driver could claim the all time most race wins during an F1 season. Further Max could eclipse even Michael Schumacher’s race winning percentage of 2004 which saw the German win 13 of the 18 races that year.

If Verstappen claims the remaining 3 races he will have a win % for 2022 of 72.7%, which would beat Schumacher’s 72.2% back in 2004.

Despite the recent F1 domination of Mercedes who won an unprecedented 8 constructors’ titles in a row, Verstappen has a win rate during his Formula One career of 20.7 percent of the races he has entered.



Verstappen set to eclipse Hamilton

Verstappen has collected 33 race wins and 74 podiums by the age of 25 by comparison Hamilton had just 14 wins and 36 podiums at the same age.

The betting organisation has Verstappen as favourite to overhaul all of Hamilton’s records within 6 seasons and the 12 year age difference makes it almost inevitable Max will eclipse Lewis Hamilton’s achievements.and secured 74 podiums so far whereas Hamilton had only picked up 14 victories and 36 podiums at the same age.

Max sits 6th on the all time list of F1 race winners and even though his win percentage is below Hamilton’s which is at 33%.

Hamilton 103

Schumacher 91

Vettel 53

Prost 51

Senna 41

Verstappen 33



The ‘old time greats’ beat Hamilton

Only Jim Clarke (35%), Alberto Ascari (41%) and Juan Manuel Fangio (47%) have better race win percentage statistics than Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis’ F1 records are wide ranging and include the following

Most consecutive race starts

Lewis Hamilton: 265
Daniel Ricciardo: 214
Nico Rosberg: 206
Riccardo Patrese: 187
Jenson Button: 179

Most entries with a single engine manufacturer

Lewis Hamilton: 292 (Mercedes)
Kimi Raikkonen: 209 (Ferrari)
Michael Schumacher: 181 (Ferrari)
David Coulthard: 150 (Mercedes)
Emerson Fittipaldi: 148 (Ford Cosworth)




Most consecutive points finishes

Lewis Hamilton: 48
Kimi Raikkonen: 27
Michael Schumacher: 24
Fernando Alonso: 23
Valtteri Bottas: 22

Total pole positions

Lewis Hamilton: 103
Michael Schumacher: 68
Ayrton Senna: 65
Sebastian Vettel: 57
Jim Clark and Alain Prost: 33

Most podium finishes

Lewis Hamilton: 183
Michael Schumacher: 155
Sebastian Vettel: 122
Alain Prost: 106
Kimi Raikkonen: 103




Total races finished in the points

Lewis Hamilton: 252
Michael Schumacher: 221
Kimi Raikkonen: 219
Fernando Alonso: 218
Sebastian Vettel: 210

Total races leading every lap

Lewis Hamilton: 23
Ayrton Senna: 19
Sebastian Vettel: 15
Jim Clark: 13
Jackie Stewart and Michael Schumacher: 11



Hamilton set to lose a record

Hamilton first led every lap in a race in the 2007 Hungarian Grand Prix in his McLaren MP4–22, with a very close Raikkonen behind him. 

Total pole and wins in the same race

Lewis Hamilton: 61
Michael Schumacher: 40
Sebastian Vettel: 31
Ayrton Senna: 29
Alain Prost: 18

Lewis Hamilton has a record that surpasses all others. The Brit has won a race in each and every one of his F1 seasons, though maybe his best opportunity this year was at the US GP but he was overtaken by Verstappen with just 6 laps to go – this record may be falling from Lewis’ record after 2022.




Hamilton shares the record for the following Formula One achievements with the following drivers.

Most wins in first championship season

Jacques Villeneuve and Lewis Hamilton: 4

Most wins at the same grand prix

Michael Schumacher (French GP) and Lewis Hamilton (British GP and Hungarian GP): 8

Most consecutive wins at the same grand prix

Ayrton Senna (Monaco GP) and Lewis Hamilton (Spanish Grand Prix): 5

Most consecutive seasons with at least one grand prix win

Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton: 15

Most podium finishes in a season

Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton: 17

Fewest world championship seasons before first title

Jacques Villeneuve and Lewis Hamilton: 2 seasons

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