Red Bull F1 doubts over funding after Mateschitz dies

The Red Bull Formula One team were rocked at the US GP. Unlike Mercedes AMG F1, Red Bull Racing and its associated companies was fully owned by Dietrich Mateschitz and his drinks company partner Chaleo Yoovidhyawith team boss Christian Horner and guru car designer Adrian Newey owning no shares in the enterprise. By comparison Mercedes AMG F1 is owned equally by Daimler AG, Toto Wolff, and INEOS each with 33% of the shareholding.

So following the tragic news of Mateschitz passing, questions quickly arose over the future of the Formula One team.



Porsche deal thought to secure Red Bull F1 future

Some F1 observers thought the Porsche failed 50% buy in to the Milton Keynes based organisation was an attempt to deliver security for RBR as it was known at the time Mateschitz was extremely unwell.

However, Christian Horner has now revealed his old boss has made proper provisions for the long term for both the Milton Keynes based operation and the sister company Alpha Tauri.

“The future is set,” reveals Horner. “He’s put in place a very strong foundation for the future. And with in 2026 Red Bull becoming a power unit manufacturer that was the missing piece of our jigsaw, and he had the vision to enable that to happen.

“And just as we’ve done with the chassis, we will take that same spirit, his spirit into the future engine company.”



Red Bull motorsports foundation created

While the exact details are not clear at present, Mateschitz has set up a motorsports foundation to continue what was a passion for the Austrian, so the future of Red Bull Racing and Alpha Tauri is secure.

“He set that vision,” adds Horner, “and he was involved right up until last week. He had the vision for and endorsed the plan for Red Bull Powertrains, to set the team up for the future, for the long term.

“And the commitment that he’s shown to that, and what he’s enabled us to create in Milton Keynes puts Red Bull Racing in a very strong position for many, many years to come.”



Red Bull fight back against Mercedes

Following a dominant 4 years at the end of Formula one’s V8 engine era, Red Bull racing have struggled to match the performance of the all conquering Mercedes F1 team. 

However, the team fought back last season after Mercedes claimed 7 consecutive F1 drivers’ titles with Max Verstappen breaking the run.

In Austin Texas, Red Bull F1 were confirmed as the 2022 constructors’ champions and many F1 observers believe this is the start of a dominant era until the next big regulation changes set for the 2026 F1 season.

“You can’t make predictions like that,” challenges Horner. “I mean, we’re up against some very tough competitors. We’ve had a wonderful year this year, we’ve broken all our own records now in terms of wins, and one-two finishes, for example.

“And still three races to go. But you know, we have some very, very competitive neighbours, and I’m sure they’re going to come back strong next year.”



Verstappen GOAT record awaits

Max Verstappen has 3 races left this year to break the all time F1 record of 13 race wins in a season held by Michael Schumacher (2004) and Sebastian Vettel (2013).

Of course there are more GP’s today than when Sebastian and Michael claimed the record however should Verstappen win the remaining three races in 2022, he will surpass Schumacher’s win percentage in 2004 of 72.2%.

Vettel’s season win percentage was lower than Schumachers’s because there were 19 races – not 18 – in 2013. 

Were Max Verstappen to win the remaining three races his season win percentage rate will be 72.7%.

With the teams now focusing on next years car development its unlikely Mercedes or Ferrari can match the performance of the RB18. So as it was at the start of the 2022 F1 year only reliability appears to be able to deny Verstappen GOAT status in this small piece of Formula one history.


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  1. Mateschitz didn’t and never has owned the Red Bull F1 team … it is owned by Red Bull in which Mateschitz’s holding never exceeded 49% 🤦🏻‍♂️

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