Big warning for Max Verstappen in 2023

With a large lead in the Formula 1 drivers’ standings, Max Verstappen is well on his way to a second consecutive World Championship title. Sergio Pérez is aware of this, but still wants to have a good end to the year in preparation for 2023. The Mexican has already given Max Verstappen a big warning for next year saying he will be challenging for the F1 title.

With a 116-point lead, Max Verstappen has a considerable advantage in the title race. The Dutchman is on his way to a second consecutive world championship title. However, the battle is going on further down the standings. Charles Leclerc is in second place with 219 points and Sergio Pérez (209 points) is close behind him. The Mexican is determined to finish the season in style in preparation for 2023.


“Max will be champion”

“It’s important for me to finish the season strong and win races. Max will be champion, so finishing second or third doesn’t matter to me so I can aspire to fight for the title in 2023,” explained Sergio Pérez in an interview with FOX Mexico.

For the next race in which to ‘prove his worth’, Perez believes their rivals will be strong for the Singapore Grand Prix: “Mercedes is already practically in the fight. Marina Bay can be a very good circuit for Ferrari because on the road circuits they were very good. Furthermore, it is a very demanding track.

“We were behind Ferrari at the start of the year but we made up for it in subsequent races. Ultimately, Red Bull had a super season and I’m looking forward to maintaining this pace until the end of the year,” said Perez.



A Pérez-Verstappen duel for the title in 2023?

The Mexican says that Red Bull is now fully aware that he can be as strong a contender as Max Verstappen for the title:

“It was an important year because the team saw that I can be as competitive as Max. We are analysing it so that I can fight for the title in 2023,

“The team is putting pressure on me to raise my game. I’m not making any excuses, anyone who knows me knows I’m going to change that, I’ll keep working hard and I’m sure I’ll close the year well.”


With the current season not yet over, Sergio Pérez is already launching the hostilities for 2023. It now remains to be seen whether he can really match Max Verstappen’s level. At present, it’s difficult to believe he can, especially from the current form which has really been poor since his win at Monaco.

The Mexican believes he knows why this is saying:

“In the last few races, as the car progressed. Maybe I haven’t adapted well to the new car, but that’s something I’m on working with my engineering team to return. I’m the same driver as six months ago,

“Anyone who knows me knows that I will change the cards on the table, that I will recover to end the season with a flourish, also because I want to go back to winning races, and that’s my goal for the last six races. And of course, finally, winning the Mexican Grand Prix is ​​undoubtedly the dream of my career,” concluded Perez.



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  1. Checo.. you were once known as the “King of the Midfield” and now look at you.. still in the midfield.. even when you’re in a top team. But yeah, give Max hell and get him good! You need to show your cajones and show Max as well as the team who the hell is Sergio effing Perez!

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