Verstappen reveals a huge clue about his retirement

Reigning world champion Max Verstappen should, barring a catastrophe, continue to hold on to his place on the Formula 1 dais. At just 24 years old, the Dutchman has already started to make history with a near guaranteed second Formula 1 title in the bag. When asked about the age at which he will retire, the Red Bull driver surprised everyone by confiding that he did not see himself racing at 40.

By starting his first Grand Prix at the age of 17 years and 166 days, Max Verstappen became the youngest driver in history to race in Formula One, and since the rules for obtaining a super-license have since changed, he will be the youngest for the foreseeable future.

It didn’t take long for the Dutchman to score his first points either. The rest, as they say, is history… At just 24 years of age, Max Verstappen is already world champion after beating Lewis Hamilton to the finish last season. Records are surely set to be broken here.


A performance that the Red Bull driver is well on his way to repeating his Championship success as this season Max Verstappen is the favourite to win the world championship. With a 109-point lead over Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez, the Dutchman is almost certain to retain his title.

Although Leclerc was just behind him for a long time, Verstappen has been able to redress the balance by winning the last four races whilst Ferrari comically flounders each weekend with laughable strategy calls and mistakes every Sunday.

However, Verstappen is not too sweepingly confident about the outcome of this season.

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“Our car is very efficient. And this track, I think it suits it perfectly, maybe. I know that some of the upcoming tracks will be a bit more difficult and I still expect a good battle with Ferrari, it’s just that yes, this track ended up to be perfect for the car,

“I don’t expect it to be like this every race weekend… That said, in Zandvoort it was going to be closer. Just because of the configuration of the track, more downforce on the car, less straights too,

“So it was definitely closer than it was before. We have increased the gap again, which is of course very nice, but we know that we have to score points every weekend”, explained the championship leader.


Even though he is only 24 years old, Max Verstappen is already a Formula 1 veteran. When asked about the subject of retirement, the Red Bull driver was very clear.

“In the end it will only be like this for 10 to 15 years, then it will stop. I started very young so I don’t see myself racing at 40,

“I hope they will all leave me alone after that. If you don’t have that anymore, the motivation to run is gone for me,

“At the end of the day, winning is the most important thing there is. It’s about crossing the line first and that comes at the cost of a lot of things“, says the Dutchman.

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  1. Things change mighty fast in motorsport, just look at Marc Marques, everyone expected MM93 to dominate till far into the mid 2020’s and it all came tumbling down, with the distinct possibility he will never reach the same height he had before all his injuries.

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