Hamilton penalty, admits responsibilty & flames Alonso

Seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton was penalised by the Belgian Grand Prix stewards on Sunday for refusing to go through the circuit’s medical centre after his first-lap collision. Hamilton has admitted responsibility for the collision between himself and Alpine driver Fernando Alonso on the first lap of the 2022 Belgian Grand Prix, but can’t help but flame the Spaniard with a backhand comment.

Lewis Hamilton collided with Spaniard Fernando Alonso’s Alpine on the first lap of Sunday’s race at Spa-Francorchamps, sending his Mercedes flying off the track and landing hard on all four wheels. The impact was sufficiently violent to trigger an FIA alert via the sensors fitted to the F1 cars.

Race management asked Lewis Hamilton to go to the circuit’s medical centre immediately after his retirement, but the British driver refused. As this is not the first time that a driver (not Hamilton) has refused to undergo the mandatory tests at the medical centre this season, the stewards decided to issue a warning.


In sporting terms, Lewis Hamilton left Spa-Francorchamps without having scored a single point this Sunday. After the Belgian Grand Prix, the British driver is sixth in the world drivers’ championship.

On the first lap of the Belgian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton made contact at the Combes corner at the end of the long Kemmel straight, with the front left tyre of Alonso’s Alpine touching the right rear tyre of Hamilton’s Mercedes. The British driver’s W13 then literally took off and landed on its four wheels a few metres further on. The two men were able to get back on track, but Lewis Hamilton ended up retiring a few corners later due to the damage to his car.

On the radio, Fernando Alonso was quick to call Lewis Hamilton an idiot, while the seven-time world champion admitted that he was to blame after seeing the footage of the accident during the race.


“When I looked at the footage I saw that he was in my blind spot and I didn’t give him enough space. So it was my fault, I’m so sorry for the team today,” said Hamilton, not actually apologising to Alonso,

“I’m just sorry for the team, we had a chance of P3 and P4 today. The car was doing well in the grid laps, we had it in a good position and I had a good start.”

“After three weeks away, I was looking forward to racing today so it’s frustrating, but that’s how it is. At the moment my job is to focus on the next race, I need to recover and get back on the treadmill.”


When asked to comment on Fernando Alonso’s comments on the radio immediately after the accident, Lewis Hamilton felt the Spaniard had acted in anger whilst making a backhanded comment on their career results:

“It was an angry moment, I’d rather not say anything,” said Hamilton, who then goes on to say more about Alonso,

“We’ve had different results in our careers and those are things you say in the heat of the moment.”

Lewis Hamilton leaves Belgium without scoring a single point and is still sixth in the drivers’ world championship after this 14th round of the year.




24 responses to “Hamilton penalty, admits responsibilty & flames Alonso

  1. Alonso is a very cunning driver. He knew what he was doing. Sir Lewis took it on the chin.

    • Alonso may be a cunning driver but in the Spa incident, he had no role to play. Hamilton’s utter callousness is seen in his putting the blame on Alonso being in his blind spot. Anyone who has seen the race knows that Hamilton is talking BS.
      Hamilton is the clever one. He sent Verstappen almost to his demise. He knew very well what he was doing then. Again yesterday, he expected to pack of his old nemesis Alonso. And then, for Hamilton to refer to their conflicts in a backhanded way demonstrates beyond any doubt how evil he is. It only requires now for Wolff to chime in, supporting Hamilton’s indefensible driving. No wonder they are both widely disliked.

      • I think Sir Lewis did not see Alonso. And I think Alonso was complicit in the accident. At the end of the day it’s called racing. That’s what we are here for. Alonso is a very cunning and clever man.

        • How can he not have known he was next to him …. Bet hey us non hamhooligans have not forgotten how sir loo put MV in the hospital, we all know he doesn’t hesitate to use his car as weapon

          • Such vitriole. I know who’s pay check I’d prefer. Go sit on your head. That should challenge you in more ways than one.

        • did not see Alonso? he just overtook him then hoped Alonso car stopped because he is Sir whatever.

        • Even a blind monkey 🐒 knows that the car on the right doesn’t vanished into midair. Any other driver would have got a grid penalty in the next race for causing a collision.

    • Alonso is experienced, but then so is the other guy, he attempted to overtake another car on the outside and the move turned out as expected. The other guy came off worst.
      I was thinking, if it were any other driver there would have been a penalty for causing a collision, but then the guy on the outside would have complained bitterly and so would
      Toto Wolff.
      This is Hamilton so it’s to be expected, it’s sad really that he, a world champion acts this way.

    • Yeah, a bit biased opinion, I think. Hamilton admitted fault. He squeezed Alonso and came off the worse. Backhanded non-apology from Ham meets heat of the moment tirade from Alonso. Storm in a teacup, handbags. Racing incident was fair enough a ruling, majority of the blame to Ham.

    • Really, look at the footage. Regardless how well liked a driver is we all make mistakes. Lewis made a mistake! No big deal, it crazy on these starts and the first few laps. Alonso cunning? He had the corner!

    • Sir Ham will never get any penalty. I cannot imagine any other driver getting away after such a heinous act against poor Alonso. Any semi-blind guy will know it was NOT a racing incident. This is why true F1 aficionados want to see his back and F1 to return to normal, decent and respectful racing. I can’t wait to see that day.

    • He should get 2 penalty points for causing a collision but being lewis , no penalty
      He disregarded the health rules, again , probably because he was wearing jewelry. Again no penalty just a slap on the wrist.
      FIA sux.

      • No jewelry, he was asked to go to the medical center after the crash and he didn’t go. After the whole “FIA should take care of the health of the drivers” story, it is logical the FIA will be stricter on drivers getting their medical check after a crash, if the drivers or the teams complain, the FIA will just answer that they are just taking their responsibility.

  2. Yes Alonso could have avoided the accident by breaking and letting Hamilton take his place. But it was Alonso’s place not Hamilton’s. Hamilton caused the collision, blind spot or not.

  3. It’s great to see all the Hamilton haters in one place he’s won world championships over and over because he’s the best verstappen only won last year because massi was in red bills pocket as far as I’m concerned and many others Hamilton is world champion

    • Anthony Lawrence, you’re wrong.
      No one actually hates Hamilton, he has a ego the size of a mountain. He has lied and taken advantage wherever possible.
      3 watches to a press conference 😂
      it’s sad he feels he can act this way.
      The comments you make show your dislike for Max Verstappen.
      I’ve no idea who Red Bill is, sorry.

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  6. Just Thinking! If you are an avid F1 fan you have seen this before. When a driver and constructor win it all the first season. The following season its harder for them to repeat that process. Some teams and drivers are fortunate enough to win consecutive championships. Michael, Seb, Lewis and Niki Lauda to name a few have succeeded. Its puts stress and strain on a driver to continually repeat his performance every season. I think between FIA’s new car specs. and Lewis’s 7 Championships he’s mentally drained. This is not his only profession. He’s known Internationally, with that comes more commitments. Who’s burning the candle at both ends?

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