Hamilton confirms his trauma

After the Abu Dhabi GP madness, Hamilton confirms his trauma to the media, again. Formula 1 makes its return this weekend at the Belgian Grand Prix. Last season’s runner-up, Lewis Hamilton, reflects philosophically on his defeat by Max Verstappen. The British driver was really traumatised, he was devastated. He gives a poignant account of his emotions.

After the summer break, Formula 1 made a stopover at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. Lewis Hamilton gave an interview to the local television station. After being stripped of his world championship title by Max Verstappen in the final race in Abu Dhabi last season, Hamilton was literally traumatised by the race scenario.

He was devastated at the end of what could have been his eighth world title, but still had a glimmer of hope. “At that moment, my world fell apart. I couldn’t understand what had happened, the emotions I was feeling. What was happening inside me was very hard to bear. But something was telling me to get up. It doesn’t matter how you fall, it matters how you get back up. That’s how you always get up,” he told RTBF.


Hamilton fought against himself to get out of his car and congratulate his rival.

“I used all my strength to get out of the car. I know that kids like me when I was eight were watching and that what I was doing out there could have an impact on what they do,

“I’m glad for that moment and I was very surprised at how it was received. But it was genuine. I’m a driver at heart and what we do as drivers is nothing, nothing we can do to control what the powers that be do,” admits the Mercedes driver.



Looking for his first win this season, the Briton says he is in the form of his life and is confident he will win this season.

“It’s important to think that it’s not just about winning. Yes, that’s part of our goal, but the road to get there is more important,

“I’ve come a long way since last year, from this last race to the beginning of the year. Also the difficulties encountered this year,

“The improvements with the team, the sport, the fans make it a very very good year. Even if the results are not as good as in the past. I have no doubt that we will win again. It’s just a matter of time. I am here, for the second part of the season, in the best condition of my life. I feel more serene and focused than ever,

“We will be very offensive in the second half of the season. I will not finish this season without a victory”, he promised RTBF.

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37 responses to “Hamilton confirms his trauma

  1. Lewis come on! Really did you think you were going to play Jesus for ever? You have done a remarkable job in F1. Look at you racing history and realize that no one person stays on top not even Lewis Hamilton.

    • reef girl, I agree entirely with your comments, this guy came from the slum of Stevenage apparently. The current owners of the house he was living in have had the property valued and it’s current value is £1million, so exactly how it was a slum a few years ago is extremely doubtful.
      The problem here is his ego I’m afraid.

      • He’s never said it was a slum,he came from a working class family. As for the house, the current owners have more than likely undertaken renovations plus areas change in popularity.

        • Corinna, he claimed he came from a “slum” in his SPOTY winners speech, then realised what he said and backtracked spectacularly, but it was too late, the damage had be done, the people of Stevenage were NOT impressed

      • Oh, here we go! 20 years ago that house was worth more than the 3 houses I have purchased in my entire life.
        You ought to take a reality check.
        I’ve never lived in a ghetto, or a slum.
        Seriously that guy is so insincere.

    • Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes. We are all suffering trauma one way or another. If you haven’t suffered it yet then you’re lucky. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  2. Still he (reluctantly) rises, to congratulate his victorious opponent.

    And I’m sure his trauma was cured once he remembered just how much he was making driving around in a dominant car for the previous 8 years. And in all honesty, if he wanted last year’s championship then he should have worked harder. He still had the fastest car…..

    • So I guess all of you here are just that used to losing in life you don’t feel any sympathy… lol… your reflection and projection here is really the sad story…

      • I’m not losing, I’m working and I’m ok
        I’m not lying to my governing body either.
        I do get back ache occasionally, but I don’t have a tortoise, or a porpoise for that matter.
        But then I can’t afford to live like some people do.
        Sympathy for a man earning over €/$/£30million per year? No!
        My dad wasn’t able to work 3 jobs, he was too busy working the one job to provide for his family

        • Are you holding a grudge against a black f1 driver who had to fight all his life against adversity and racism to get where he is today? Some of these comments are traumatic to read. Really makes me sick to my stomach to see these. One thing is for sure, with comments like these, LH will forever be battling the negative forces but hey aren’t we all? You guys battling the forces of other people’s success and successful people battling to stay successful as well as battling grudges 🤦🏿‍♀️.

    • I’m not sure worked harder would have been necessary. his work ethic is great.

      however, he did make some pretty woeful mistakes that I feel lost him the title before he got to SA. Baku brake magic with 1 lap restart he screwed himself hard. in Turkey he overruled his team to not pit for new tires. either or both of those mistakes he performed, were in his control. it was his own fault he was in a position that anything that happened in the final lap of the final race mattered.

  3. I always to myself that you! Should of resign of how you were cheated from winning race last year,
    Walking away would left them all shameful and guilt conscious. Instead you let dem all sweet talk you in. Continue to race F1? You would been feeling a very lot betta! Within your self!!
    Of course your going to have these negative thoughts!! Yuh jus hav fe manages it
    Remember dem history,
    Always willing to trip a Cat on its back!
    At all costs!!

    • Gary, you need to realise that you are *not* replying to Mr Mamilton.
      I, along with everyone else in the entire world would not be shameful or sorry or even guilt conscious (if it were possible) for any F1 driver.

    • Walking away was what they wanted him to do, hence the robbery, he did the right thing by staying and played a Bob Marley on them. Yuh a guh tired fi so mi face, can’t get mi outa de race. Hammy got this.

  4. Hamilton was robbed. And Verstappen was not gentleman enough to admit it and rescind his undeserved title.

    • AGREED NY MAN … None of you above are true sports people … U don’t know what it’s like to win .. and then be robbed what is rightfully yours … It is really sorry that all you can see is the money … PEOPLE HAVE LOST LIVES IN THIS SPORT …but no he earns 20-30million or whatever he earns…. You guys really don’t have enough brains to understand what kind of impact a close loss that too an undeserved one , has on your mind …. I bet all of you are working 9-5jobs (supposedly trying to provide for your family or go get drunk in a local pub … BECOS U DONT HAVE AMBITION … I AM A BLOODY 16 YEAR OLD …. But i understand how it feels lol… Go live your sry life … Don’t bitch about the greatest driver in history … Nothing gives you the right to do so ….

      PS. This is the way you demotivate children … Because when they know that even their future fans woudnt support them ..well then nothing is fruitfull ofc lol

      • I hope one of your ambitions is to write better…

        As to you being 16 years old, how could you possibly know of any other driver in history to be able to make the comparison as to who is greatest??

        • Strange comment. You cant know anything or comment as you are only 16….! The number of stupid people making stupid comments over 70 is breathtaking. Leave the kid alone.

          • I’ve been a writer and commenter on this site for the best part of a decade.

            I have been following F1 for nearly 50 years, have raced at amateur level myself and been to GP’s since 1982.

            The point that you missed is that at 16, the writer has been around almost as long as Lewis has been in F1, which would suggest that he hasn’t any relevant experience of other drivers other than on video or literature.

            When I judge drivers, I base it on races during my lifetime, I cannot include Jim Clark, Fangio or Nuvolari. I can only read other peoples opinions of them.

            Regards my point on writing ambition, it was in direct response to what I believe was an insult to previous commentators not having ambition or going to the ‘local pub’. Something highlighted by the use of CAPS.

        • It doesn’t matter for goodness sake. He is saying what F1 commentators and journalists say and print. Lewis is heading to be the greatest in F1. As for his writing, he is 16 and perhaps English is a second language to him, it makes it difficult. Perhaps you need to learn to be more empathetic.

          • what “some” commentators and journalists are saying ( ie the British ones ) because the rest of the world doesn’t share the view.

            Lewis is a great driver who has been fortunate to have had the most dominant car in history at his disposal. But as Schumacher and Vettel have proved, greatness is not measured by statistics

            As for the ‘16’. The point is that he has no relevant references to call upon. Also, the comment about ‘local pubs’ suggests they are English based

            Ask any youngster leaving school who the greatest footballer is, musician, writer, tennis player and their views are firmly based on what social media tells them it is, without having experienced anything to back it up other than listening or reading somebody else’s opinion

      • I totally agree with you and I am a few months from 60, so weather you are 16 or 60 support is support and you are doing the right thing in supporting your hero. Well done you. Let them stew, don’t mind them grudge filled people. By the way, nothing is wrong with your writing as language is relative. We understand that.

  5. Of course he is traumatized! He had to turn down a role in a movie 😱. Is there anything worse thinkable?? Poor man, I hope it will not haunt him the rest of his days.

  6. Corinna, my only reason for being here is an undying love for the greatest sport in the world! “Drive to Survive” on Netflix has nearly doubled the F1-fan base in a very short time, and it is not for us to question the motives of the newbies to our sport. That being said, I’ve had it with ignorant, clueless keyboard warriors shoving their incompetence around as gospel.

    Lewis Hamilton will never have the race skill of a Ken Miles, Strirling Moss or James Hunt who has a total of ONE world championship between them. And yes, I know Ken never raced F1, and yes I’ve admired his race craft (he single handedly changed the history of Ferrari at Le Mans) for more than three decades. Two of the elder F1-statesmen (Fernando and Sebastian) would have won EVERYTHING from 2014-2021 in all likelihood the most dominant F1 car ever. The little known Nico Rosberg did just that. As did Fernando and Jenson in similar machinery.

    Actually, just enjoy your ignorance…

    • Greatest sport in the world lol don’t make me laugh it is nothing to do with the driver it’s all about the car as Hamilton showed winning 7 should have been 8 driving the fastest car now verstappen who stole his 1st will win again only cos he has the fastest car by far should never actually lose a race.he will keep winning until not a better or faster driver turns up but when a faster car turns up.i watched F1 every year for years until the disgraceful end to last years race proved just how much it is not the greatest sport in the world.but all about who has the most money to spend getting the fastest car.

      • Blah blah blah Max cheated Lewis out of his 8th WDC, whine whine whine, not fair, blah blah blah, FIA biased/racist against Lewis whine whine whine, typical Hamilton fan reply

  7. the real trauma he should be feeling is that it is his own fault that the last lap of the last race even mattered.

    Baku, brake magic.
    Turkey, overruled team on pit for new tires.
    Monaco, just poor performance compared with his teammate.
    Spa, he let a guy in a Williams out qualify him.

    any one, or all of those things HAMILTON made the error. any one of those errors, if he had not made, he wins the title regardless of what happens in that last lap restart.

    • Don’t forget the luck he had at the San Marino GP. He drives into the tire stack. But after the red flag gets the lost lap back and can repair his car.

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