Silverstone invaders face court

Six people appeared in court on Friday after invading the Silverstone track earlier this year in July during the first lap of the Formula 1 British Grand Prix won by Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz.

During the first lap of the 2022 British Grand Prix, individuals managed to evade security and invaded the track where Formula One drivers were driving at reduced speed following a red flag caused by Chinese driver Guanyu Zhou’s big crash at the start of the race. Some cars overtook the protesters on the track at a reduced speed, but still enough to endanger those involved.

Immediately after the race resumed, police confirmed the arrest of seven people, but on Friday 19 August only six appeared in court and were released on bail. After Friday’s hearing, two of them were taken into custody, while the other four accused were released on bail. A further hearing for all six is scheduled for 3 October.



Prior to the British Grand Prix, Northamptonshire Police and Silverstone circuit officials had issued a warning to deter any potential protests ahead of race day following reports that individuals would attempt to gain access to the track, but this apparently did not deter the individuals who took all the risks to gain access to the track while the drivers were on track.charged with “conspiracy to cause public nuisance” reports the AP news agency.





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  1. I guess Security at Silverstone sucks! Hire some dam people. Maybe Silverstone can find a BLM or ANTIFA group that can secure Silverstone. They did a bang of a job in Portland, OR a few years ago.

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