Leclerc explains what’s happened with Ferrari…

Leclerc makes a huge appeal to Ferrari whilst Formula takes stock this summer. The summer break has begun and Charles Leclerc is taking a hard look at the start of the season. While Max Verstappen is taking the lead in the F1 drivers’ standings, the Monegasque has a lot of regrets about his first part of the season. Frankly, the team needed to do better.

The Hungarian Grand Prix was the last F1 race before the summer break, which was eagerly awaited by the drivers. The teams will be able to work hard to come back with better ambitions when they resume in Spa. Among them, Ferrari and its driver Charles Leclerc. Despite having a car that is much better than Mercedes and capable of competing with Max Verstappen’s Red Bull, Charles Leclerc is only second in the drivers’ standings.

Strategic errors and driving mistakes, some of which appear to be a car issue despite Leclerc blaming himself, have prevented the Monegasque driver from entering the summer break in the lead. This was a huge disappointment for Charles Leclerc, who had dominated the start of the season.


The Monegasque returned to his first part of the season at the beginning of this summer break. He admits to having experienced some very intense periods.

“First of all, it was incredible to see that we were finally fighting for victory again. Whether it was the highs or the lows, there was no race without emotion. In fact, it was extremely strong. It’s either winning or leading, then problems arise or whatever. So, it’s been a first part of the season with a lot of things happening,” he said.



Charles Leclerc is very disappointed with the last Grand Prix. He also deplores the fact that the potential of his car has not been exploited well enough.

“On the other hand, we didn’t manage to maximise the potential we had. And that’s not great. We still have the second half of the season to make up for it, I hope, and I’m going to attack to the maximum. But the last few races have been a bit difficult,” the Ferrari driver lamented.

However, he knows what to do to get out of this bad patch.


“Let’s say we know we have to work on that. We absolutely want to do everything to improve in every single thing we do, and obviously looking at the first part of this season, there have been problems with strategy, there have been some problems with reliability and there have been some driving mistakes,

“On reliability and strategy we are working extremely hard to improve. And after a mistake we always follow exactly the same process, which is to try to analyse where the mistakes came from, why we made the wrong decision at a certain point in the race, in order to move forward,

“As soon as we understand a mistake, then we can move on”, says the Monegasque.

The next meeting will be at Spa on Saturday 28th August for the Belgian Grand Prix.




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  1. Lets see Ferrari has been racing for how long now and they still don’t understand Strategy and the impact it has? Who’s are the dummies on the Pit Wall or back in Maranello?

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