Haas leave Schumacher out in the cold

A few weeks ago, Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner explained that he wanted to wait until the summer break to consider the driver pairing for 2023. The American team now prefers to take its time and has decided to postpone negotiations, depriving Mick Schumacher of an immediate confirmation and effectively leaving the German out in the cold whilst the craziest F1 silly season in years rumbles along.

The second half of the 2022 Formula One season is likely to be tough for Mick Schumacher. With nine races remaining, the 23-year-old will probably have to fight for his future for a place in the pinnacle of motorsport. According to RTL/ntv, Mick Schumacher will not receive a contract extension during the summer break as it seems that the Haas team has preferred to postpone negotiations.

After the announcement of Sebastian Vettel’s departure, the Aston Martin team became a serious option for the young German driver. However, the announcement that Fernando Alonso will be joining the British team in 2023 has dashed Mick Schumacher’s hopes and removed his negotiating card with Haas.


The Haas team can now rely on the time factor, knowing that it is currently the only way for the German to secure his grid spot for the coming year. Not all the seats have been allocated, but drivers such as Yuki Tsunoda and Guanyu Zhou are almost certain to remain in their positions. We don’t know either what will happen at Alpine after the chaos around Oscar Piastri.


The pressure on the German driver should therefore increase considerably at the start of the season. His teammate Kevin Magnussen has a multi-year contract with the American team. In the battle of teammates, Magnussen is the clear leader, holding 22 points in the drivers’ championship to Schumacher’s 12.


After better performances at Silverstone and Spielberg (the only two races where he scored points), the German driver has come up short in the last two races in France and Hungary.

Should Haas decide against Mick Schumacher for 2023, it could be the first season in F1 without a full German driver since 1981.




8 responses to “Haas leave Schumacher out in the cold

  1. Many a sportsman was written off before his time. 2 examples. Jody Scheckter who went on to become world champion. English soccer Jordan Henderson of Liverpool. Look into their history. When the chips were down, they didn’t give up. Henderson has gone on to win every cup available in soccer. Mick. Your Dad never gave up. Make him and the world of F1 proud. Only a steppingstone to your success

  2. Mick has no problem finding a ride in F1. Mick’s father’s legacy and money will find him a seat. Haas is going to find the most money and sponsorship out of the remaining drivers with no seat. Its always about money.

  3. He’s a ferrari junior, not theirs to make that decision. Nice headline but they’re not in a hurry. Wouldn’t be surprised if Ferrari is shopping around for him.

    • Then he has a contract for the season? He’s on loan from Ferrari? I read he paid for the seat. I recall a reading Haas took him becuse he had funding and Haas needed that after the Russian driver was let go. Russian Drivers Dad paid for his son to be in the seat.

  4. I think we are discussing MSC’s seat. Correct? Magnussen has his own contract with Haas and has driven before for Haas and scored the most points this season. Bogus? MSC came with money to Haas. Haas wants sponsorship funding or pay to drive deal. Which MSC has both! HAAS is playing the game.

  5. Jean Todt wants Mick in F1. Ferrari were happy to do what Jean Todt wanted because he was President of the FIA. Hence all the f3 and f2 scandal around young mick.
    Now that JT is gone, Ferrari have no reason to support Mick if he isn’t producing. The name recognition is only good for 1.5 seasons.
    Haas has to to take a Ferrari driver in exchange for discounted or free power units ($15m per car per unit, minimum 3 units per season per car. You do the math)

    Binotto just said he and the Ferrari board do not want Mick at ferrari.
    Mick has about 3 more races to prove 9th or better finishes each time. Otherwise he will be slated a reserve driver.

  6. It’ll be funny if Mazespin comes back lol

    I think Haas should lure an American driver in that American F1 team.

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