Vettel new job with F1 bosses Brawn & Dominicali

Formula One has been strengthening the team that run the sport since buying the commercial rights in 2017. Ross Brawn was recruited as MD of FOM and Motor Sports and technical director almost as soon as Liberty Media took charge in 2017. Then 3 years later as the moustachioed American Chase Carey stepped down, ex Ferrari boss Stefano Dominicali was recruited to replace him as CEO of FOM. Unlike in the Ecclestone era when Bernie almost exclusive ran the show on his own, Liberty Media clearly believe in a high calibre team of Formula One ‘lifers’ will guide the sport to new heights.

The changes brought about in recent seasons have been stark. F1 has incorporated The Sprint into a select number of race weekends throughout the year and are looking to expand its number from 3 to 6 Sprint’s a season.

Brawn’s input into the FIA regulation process has seen the biggest change in car design regulations for 2022 in living memory together with Pirelli switching from 13 inch to 18 inch tyres.

Next year we have new tyre allocation regulations which should shake things up again for the teams.

Consistently making changes to the sport creates an unknown each year for the competitors and is designed to prevent one teams dominance and create a more diverse sporting competition.



Following his retirement announcement at the Hungarian GP, Stefano Dominicali has moved quickly to offer Sebastian Vettel a role in FOM.

The Italian admitted Vettel’s decision to retire came as a surprise.“I read it on the news,” said Domenicali. “Now I will speak to Sebastian.”

Speaking to German publication Bild, Stefano reveals he has already spoken with Vettel and has offered him a role in the management of Formula One.

“Among other things, we talked about his decision and the future,” revealed the ex-Ferrari boss.

“Sebastian will always be associated with Formula 1. And of course we want that connection to remain close in the future.

“If he is interested in becoming part of our system and the approaches fit together, I would of course welcome him here.”



Sebastian Vettel has indicated he wishes to take some time out and spend time with his young and growing family and Dominicali recognises this for now

“But we already know that, after the season, he wants to sort himself out and enjoy time with his family.”

The German media are now speculating whether Vettel’s role could be related to his Eco endeavours, sustainability and social progress.

However, there was a recent spat between Vettel and Dominicali where the 4 times champion accused Formula One of dragging its feet over introducing a ore sustainable fuel.

To prove a point Vettel recently ran Nigel Mansell’s Red Five 1992 Williams on CO2 free fuel, together with a 1922 Aston Martin.

Dominicali felt Vettel’s criticism was unfair and observed the difference between the challenges F1 faces and Vettel’s exhibition laps.

“It makes a difference whether you have to get a single car prepared for one or two laps or twenty cars prepared for 70 laps and a whole season,” Domenicali insisted.



Being the driven individual that he is, it is highly unlikely Sebastian will fade into a family background routine. Once refreshed he would surely relish being the one who directs Formula One to a more sustainable and Carbon net zero future.

One point of note Sebastian.

Your recent shambolic appearance apparently mimicking one of the Grateful Dead hippie band members may need a little work if you are to don the FOM jacket 🙂

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  1. Love this move- don’t like his hippie look but he is a great guy that has all the right ideas about saving this planet for our offspring and all of true animals that are being driven to extinction due to bad men with bad ideas and decisions.

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