Verstappen forced to fit a new gearbox

The rules regarding the number of allowable parts was changed slightly for the 2022 season. Each car is now allowed 4 gear box casings and 4 cassettes (the internals). However, the components can be interchanged without penalty. A new casing can be introduced but an existing cassette fitted.

Further if the consonants of the gear box break then they can be mended. Charles Leclerc’s crash last time out in France saw him need to repair 2 components of the cassette for this weekend in Hungary.

If a driver uses 5 of either components its a 5 place grid drop unlike for a power unit which is a 10 place grid start drop

New gearboxes have been fitted within Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel’s cars at the Hungarian Grand Prix, with neither driver receiving a penalty.

Red Bull’s Verstappen and Aston Martin’s Vettel are both running a new gearbox case and cassette (GBX C & C), along with a new gearbox driveline, gear change components and auxiliary components (GBX DL).

Verstappen now has had 4 cassettes and casings and is on the limit for the season. Any further changes will see Max get a penalty.

Mick Schumacher and both Alfa Romeo drivers are also on the limit of gear boxes allowed.

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