Teams to protest Game Changer Aston Martin new wing

Following the tributes by the SKY F1 team to the magnificent career of Sebastian Vettel, the most experienced pit lane reporter in Formula One opened the FP1 show as follows.

“I am bright red with excitement about this new rear wing on the Aston. It’s a GAMEmCHANGER, I’m telling you a game changer,” enthused Ted Kravitz.

Aston Martin have brought a new rear wing to Hungary but it may be that the other teams are set to protest its legality the the FIA.

As the cars were set to go out, Kravtiz was asked by Rachel Brooks if he had appropriate closing for the varied weather due for this weekend in Budapest. The curt reply said it all about Kravitz’s passion to show the viewers the exciting new Aston design.

“Yes let’s talk about that later Rachel because we need to get straight to this new rear wing before the Aston Martins go out.”



Look at this rear wing endplate. Now this potentially I think is game changing. When they [the FIA] changed the rules this year they mandated the rear wings be curvy, melted rear wings that allowed loads of air to spill out [upwards] and make these cars easier to follow

“Aston Martin have turned up here this morning with a different interpretation of the rear wing. Those little armchair rear wing endplates effectively mimic last years rear wing with the higher downforce.

“So obviously it obviously squares out the endplates.”


“It’s like a 2021 rear wing. I absolutely love it. IOt catches more air, stops the air spilling out the side. It will regain a lot of the downforce they’ve [the teams] have lost.”

“Now is it legal?”

“The other teams are saying it’s not the FIA’s intention of what they wanted the new rear wings to do.”



“But Aston Martin say they have consulted with the FIA throughout the rear wings development and had it approved at every stage.”

“The rules say the mainplane of the rear wing has to have a certain curvature but it doesn’t say where that curvature must be.”

In practice one Aston Martin cannily mostly ran the hard tyre and did high fuel runs, though the one timed lap Vettel and Stroll delivered towards the end saw them finish the session P11 and P12.

Of course the team may have been hiding performance by loading up the car with fuel because the later in the weekend it gets, protests are frowned upon by the FIA.

If the other teams are going to successfully protest Aston’s new wing, they will probably need to do so before the end of the day.

FP2 may reveal on a high downforce circuit like Hungary if Aston have indeed found a silver bullet.

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