Hamilton mocked

Max Verstappen fans mock a “disappointed” Hamilton after crashing. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton suffer a bitter blow in qualifying in Austria. The four-time Formula 1 world champion finishes last in his Aston Martin, while Hamilton crashes. The fans react in what might be considered unsporting manner.

The Aston Martin driver was eliminated last in qualifying in Austria and will thus only start from 19th position, as Valtteri Bottas will start from the very back due to a penalty. The four-time world champion himself ruined a better position. With the clock running down, he finished in 17th place, but his lap was disallowed by the stewards. This was because he had violated the track limits in turn 1. So now he has to make up a lot of places if he wants to score points in Spielberg.

“If we are honest, we are simply too slow,” Vettel told Sky after qualifying, the German seemingly following on from last weekend in Silverstone where qualifying had not gone well either.

A little later, Hamilton had to bury his dreams of an unlikely pole position, which perhaps didn’t seem completely impossible in view of the improved Mercedes had lap times been deleted of those at the sharp end. In Q3, he made a mistake and crashed into the tyres, causing the session to be interrupted. His hard impact was jeered by the many Dutch fans nearby.


This mocking appears to be an ongoing ‘tit for tat’ between opposing fans of Hamilton and Verstappen, with Lewis fans booing Verstappen at Silverstone last weekend during his post-qualifying interview after snagging P2 from the grandstand opposite of the start-finish straight at Silverstone Circuit on Saturday.

“If they want to boo, they do that. For me, it’s not going to change anything. I’m happy to always be here. It’s a great track, great atmosphere in general. Maybe some of them don’t like me, but that’s fine. They all have their own opinions. I don’t care”, said Max Verstappen at the time.


As for Hamilton, the British driver did admit that he was “incredibly disappointed in myself”,

“I’m so sorry for the team. Everyone works so hard to put the car together. I never like bringing back a damaged car. We were in contention for 3rd place″, said Hamilton after his tenth place.

After the session resumed, Hamilton’s teammate George Russell also flew off the track shortly afterwards – which meant that qualifying ended prematurely for him as well. He still ended up in fifth place.

However, as he crossed the track on foot, which was forbidden, the British driver is facing further punishment.



15 responses to “Hamilton mocked

  1. Seems the Dutch and those who criticised the handful of British fans last week. Have done what they didn’t like to Hamilton. Will we hear them doing the same in Spa. And will still blame the British.

  2. It wasn’t a “handful of British fans” it was thousands of British fans.
    BOTH hamiltons and verstappens fans are as bad as each other. It’s childish

    • I agree – the sound of the thousands of British fans cheering at Silverstone last year as Max was been driven away in an ambulance was appalling – shame on all of you!!

      • Load of crap. There was no cheering for the crash last year, I was there. https://youtu.be/iF3hl-0atzE

        That shows the cheering for Hamilton taking the lead, then silence, then cheering as Max moved. Then the whole circuit stood and cheered and applauded as Max got out.

        He went to hospital for precautionary checks, as is normal procedure.

  3. As I predicted when the British ‘fans’ ignited this at Silverstone.. this will continue all season and with a little bit bad luck.. as long as Hamilton stays in F1.

  4. Sir Lewis Hamilton must race until he gets the 8 championship title that was so wickedly stolen from him by the IDIOT Massi. Argument DONE.!!!

    • I am now in the car on the way back from Austria GP. it was disgusting what i saw. have been coming here for several years but decided not to go after this year. too many football holigans who suddenly call themselves f1 fans. what was normally always a big party from Thursday to Monday it really wasn’t anymore 😞😞

  5. Whats crazy is the folks like Landoni and other F1 money people with as much white guilt as cash, have called the reaction to Hamilton Racist while completely ignoring the reaction to Verstappen. They did the same thing back in the Hamilton vs Vettel era.
    It was always “race” when it came to Hamilton but just “fans having driver allegiance” when it came to the other drivers.
    Its getting ridiculous.

  6. Hamilton, one of the most privileged people on the planet, can not go a day without being a victim. His dying last words will be a complaint about how he is a victim of something. Maybe time itself. Can’t wait for this clown to retire.

    • Tom your a clown to judge such a man you will have to walk in his shoes, witch is impossible.
      Suggestion : go sit on your toilet and think about it.

    • He is privileged because he has worked for it you clown. Once Max retires in 2028 the nastiness and blogs spewing bile, a bit like this one, will cease to exist. Counting down the days.

  7. I hqve read that there was terrible behaviour amomg people at the event, where many fans felt intimidated. Sexiism and racism appears among the ignorant, its just the way it is. How did this come into F1? I dont understand.

    • I think that the media need to take a lot of responsibility for this especially the British Sky TV team. They are continually spewing out the anti Max rhetoric and whipping up this ‘fan hysteria’. Time to stop and concentrate on the good clean racing that we are witnessing between the ‘young guns’.

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