Removal from F1: Schumacher saved by Ferrari, again

It seems there is a future for Mick Schumacher in F1 as the Haas driver reveals details this weekend at the Formula 1 British Grand Prix. It appears that Haas, the American racing team who had enough of the German Formula 1 star has again been made to keep the German in Formula by Ferrari. After many accidents and disappointments, Schumacher’s place in the team seemed to be shaky, with Gunther Steiner having already sacked the driver some weeks ago, but Ferrari came to the rescue. It seems that history is repeating itself.

It appears that Mick Schumacher does not have to bury his hopes of competing in F1. On the sidelines of the Silverstone GP he revealed talks about a contract extension with Haas means that his Formula 1 career might well be ongoing. The 23-year-old told Sky that he was in negotiations with his team saying: “Talks are going on in the background,”. However, he is currently concentrating on finally scoring his first F1 points.

“Probably during the summer break or afterwards, we’ll go into more detail about that,” reveals Mick.


Including Silverstone, there are still four races to go before the summer break however. Plenty of time to bury his career for good or just about do enough to activate an extension. To put himself in a better negotiating position, Schumacher absolutely has to deliver. In 28 GP starts, he has not yet managed a top ten finish. Most recently, however, he celebrated the best qualifying result of his career in Canada, but prior to that, the German was plagued by unforced errors and bad luck.


Indeed the Ferrari junior’s many crashes weigh heavily on him. In Saudi Arabia and Monaco, he completely destroyed his car – and caused enormous costs. In Miami, he collided with Sebastian Vettel shortly before the end and lost his first World Championship points.



Team boss Gunther Steiner has been known to be furious with the young German who had been comprehensively outclassed by his team mate Kevin Magnussen, and failed to deliver any points when the car has been competitive. Steiner reportedly had, for all intent and purposes, sacked the son of Michael Schumacher some weeks ago, until Ferrari came to the youngsters’ rescue READ MORE ON THIS STORY.


It seems that again Ferrari is again insisting on the Haas team that they must form a negotiation with their Ferrari junior for next season. So, likely reluctantly, Steiner must toe the line and discuss contracts with Mick’s management for the 2023 F1 season.


In any case, his team boss Günther Steiner hopes that Schumacher will soon be able to make some progress: “I hope that the next step will be successful here and we can make a trend out of it.” says the team boss.




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  1. The amazing power of what a powerful surname can do to you in F1, even if you are a sub par driver

  2. I think Michael was the top 2 or 3 driver of all time along with Aarton and Lewis, however his son is a bust. Time to cut bait on him.

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