Piquet drama: Verstappen & Red Bull reaction

One year after the Silverstone Grand Prix accident with Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton has been the subject of recent news involving racist comments by Nelson Piquet, the former three time champion Formula One driver and soon to be father-in-law of the reigning world champion Max Verstappen. While support for the British driver is growing in the media, RedBull has also officially terminated the contract of Juri Vips following the use of a racist term in another incident last week.

It has been a bad time in Formula 1. Just a few days before the Silverstone Grand Prix, the scene of an epic battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen last year, there is a racial scandal in the news. A year after the race and the dramatic crash between the two championship leaders, Hamilton ran afoul of a statement made by Nelson Piquet, former F1 driver and Max Verstappen’s soon to be father-in-law.

“The little nigga (Lewis Hamilton) put his car in and left it because there was no way he could pass two cars in that corner. He did it like a bastard. He’s lucky, only the other one (Verstappen) was screwed,” he reportedly said READ THE FULL STORY HERE

The Mercedes driver, who is a self confessed lead figure in the fight against racism, wasted no time in reacting with Lewis Hamilton speaking out and his Mercedes team following suit:

“It’s more than a question of language. This archaic mentality has to change and has no place in our sport. I have been surrounded by these attitudes and targets all my life. I’ve had plenty of time to learn. Now is the time to act,” Lewis Hamilton posted on his Twitter account. 


For Max Verstappen, the situation is more embarrassing than anything else. The Dutch driver, who is in a relationship with Kelly Piquet, Nelson Piquet’s daughter, is expected to speak to Lewis Hamilton during the Silverstone Grand Prix. Even if the two men are not the best of friends in everyday life, the reigning world champion will inevitably give him his support. While waiting for Verstappen’s reaction, the Red Bull team did not budge. This may be an echo of the new racism case that has hit the Austrian team as reported by this website last week.


Hot on the heels of the Piquet controversy, Red Bull has taken the decision to terminate the contract of Juri Vips, its reserve F1 driver due to the use of a racist term during a live broadcast earlier this month:

“Following its investigation into an online incident involving Juri Vips, Oracle Red Bull Racing has terminated Juri’s contract as a test and reserve driver.

The team does not tolerate any form of racism,” Red Bull explained in an official statement published on its social networks.




MORE F1: Was Nelson Piquet’s language really racist?

Formula One has seen a huge row develop today over historic footage uncovered where Nelson Piquet apparently used a racial slur against Lewis Hamilton. F1, the FIA, Mercedes and others have all come out against the Brazilian 3 times world champion for his use of the Portuguese word “neguinho” to describe Lewis Hamilton.

In previously uncovered footage Nelson Piquet has been revealed analysing the collision between Hamilton and Verstappen at the 2021 British GP. He was scathing of Hamilton’s driving suggesting it was….. READ MORE ON THIS STORY









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