Hamilton’s strong response to Piquet

Hamilton calls Nelson Piquet “archaic” after racial slur. Formula One’s Lewis Hamilton has responded to the news today that Nelson Piquet called him “a little black boy”. A video has emerged of Piquet recording a podcast in November 2021 where he slated Hamilton for his move on Verstappen at the 2021 British GP. The Brazilian used the word “neguinho” which is the diminutive form of “negro”. Today, Lewis Hamilton responds strongly to the story.

Nelson Piquet further criticised Hamilton for making a “dirty” move on Verstappen and stated he was “lucky Max wasn’t seriously injured. Lewis was penalised for the incident by the race stewards with a time penalty but went on to win the race.



This weekend Christian Horner is hoping for “justice” after what Red Bull believed was a deliberate attempt by Hamilton to take Max Verstappen out.

Following news of Piquet’s racial slur, one Hamilton fan posted on Twitter:

Hamilton replied, “indeed”, then added in Portugese, “vamos focar em mudar a mentalidade,” which translates “let’s focus on changing the mindset.”

Lewis concluded:

The FIA, F1 and the Mercedes team have condemned the Brazilian 3 times WDC with F1 tweeting, 

“Lewis is an incredible ambassador for our sport and deserves respect. His tireless efforts to increase diversity and inclusion are a lesson to many and something we are committed to at F1.”



However, social media commentators have called on Red Bull to do so too.

Max Verstappen is dating Nelson Piquet’s daughter and Nelson has on occasion been a guest in the Red Bull garage.

Piquet has form for upsetting others. During an intense battle with Nigel Mansell his team mate for a WDC piquet remarked to reporters, “Mansell is argumentative, he’s rude and he’s got a really ugly wife. He’s arrogant, and after he started winning races he started treating everyone really badly. Besides which, he’s written off piles of cars. No one wanted him to win.”

Nelson Piquet has refused to comment despite being approached by CNN.

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2 responses to “Hamilton’s strong response to Piquet

  1. Formula One has long been going astray. It has been infinatelly worse since the result of the illegal finish to the last race of 2021. I think that brought out the worst in everybody. All we seem to be getting these days is bad mouthing and back biting from drivers & team owners alike. Racing now comes secondary to all the turmoil.
    Come on guys, settle down and let us get back to the sport as we used to know it.

    • Clearly you’ve been watching F1 for 5 minutes. Sorry but last years exciting and legal finish made a few people mad. The rest of us loved it

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