Mazepin returns

Nikita Mazepin’s chapter in Formula 1 has ended for the time being since the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine, but it is no secret that the youngster does not want to give up his F1 career yet. Now the Russian has revealed that he can certainly imagine a return to the ‘pinnacle of motorsport’, albeit outside of a cockpit.

“Top teams are worth several billion dollars. And I think that one day I will be part of this industry as a businessman,” the German newspaper ‘Mirror’ quoted the 23-year-old as saying in an interview with Russia’s Sport Express. “But I won’t rush into anything.”


Meanwhile, Mazepin is not interested in a commitment to the Indycar series. “Of course, you can’t say what will happen tomorrow, but all my life I wanted to get into Formula One. I made it, but as they say, appetite comes with eating – and I have no doubt what I could do in a competitive car.”

In the long term, however, Mazepin wants to celebrate success above all in the business world. So he has already completed a business degree.

His father, Dmitri Mazepin, is a Russian oligarch and head of a fertiliser company and co-owner of a mining group.



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  1. He won’t return, 99%, especially since he’d effectively have to achieve this for next season, as drivers generally haven’t returned to regular F1 racing after more than a single season unless they achieved previous success like Alonso & Kimi.

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