New Turbo for LeClerc is certain grid penalty in Canada

The 2022 Formula One race in Baku failed to live up to its previous entertainment value, mostly because the fans were deprived of a battle between the Ferrari’s and the Red Bulls. Following Carlos Sainz early retirement on Lap 21 Charles DeClerc’s Ferrari blew an engine forcing the Monogasque driver to retire from the lead for a second time in three races.

Yet the knock on effect will be felt by LeClerc and Ferrari in Canada because while this was only Charles second engine of the three allowed this season one listed power unit component was LeClerc’s third of three allowed.

Ferrari stated after the 2022 Spanish GP, “Having examined the PU from Leclerc’s car, we found the turbo and MGU-H are damaged and cannot be repaired.”

“However, having fully analysed the failure and its cause, we are satisfied it did not occur through a design fault or reliability issue with these two components or any other elements of the PU.”

The team had two choices for Monaco. Either give Charles his third engine, or revert to power unit one with repaired parts. Ferrari chose the latter, but a new turbo unit was required and this was third and final one of the three allowed for this season.

If the power unit is salvageable a fourth turbo unit will incur a 10 place grid drop. But worse is if Ferrari issue LeClerc with a new power unit and new turbo component, then the penalty is a pit lane start for the race.

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2 responses to “New Turbo for LeClerc is certain grid penalty in Canada

  1. An unideal situation, but no pit lane start for exceeding PU element allocations.
    Only when for a different spec copy under Parc Ferme conditions.

  2. I recall that MB played with their spiced up engines in each of the last four races of 2021, bending the rulers to breaking point, with Masi and stewards looking the other way. That was a clear flaw in the rules. Has this been amended? Why have RB not screamed about it as they had a good case?
    If this situation is not corrected, the Wolf and the Hyena may repeat the cheating this year. This kind of thievery has to be stopped in its tracks.

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