Hamilton: “feels that his career is over”

This season is certainly one of the most difficult for Lewis Hamilton in his Formula 1 career. Following the new regulations, the British driver’s car has changed completely and he is not getting used to it. His results are clearly down compared to previous years. Faced with this terrible year of 2022 for him, the 37-year-old driver may have already decided to end his F1 career.

Not everything is going well for Lewis Hamilton this season. With the new regulations that came into effect in 2022, Mercedes had to completely rethink its car. If this doesn’t seem to have bothered George Russell – the British driver’s new team-mate – the seven-time world champion finds himself totally disoriented. The 37 year old driver is not able to be competitive with his car and this is reflected in his results.

Lewis Hamilton is in 6th place in the F1 standings and is far behind leader Max Verstappen. With the season not yet half over, the Mercedes driver is almost certainly now out of the running for the world championship title. Lewis Hamilton’s return to the top of F1 seems tricky this year. And his difficulties could be explained by a habit of having always had a very good car in recent years in addition to a problem of confidence linked to his poor start to the season.


“It’s a big change for Lewis, he’s not used to driving a car that’s not competitive. He has fought for the championship every year since 2014, and now he has a new teammate in George Russell, who is young and has been very competitive so far.” says former team mate Jenson Button,

“This is due to the fact that George has a much better car than the one he had at Williams, it has given him confidence to attack more. Lewis probably doesn’t have the confidence in this car, and you have to if you want to get the most out of it. And when you’ve had a few bad races, it affects you mentally. It’s a sport that requires a lot of that mental strength. It’s not just physical,” explained Jenson Button.



So could this situation lead to Lewis Hamilton ending his F1 career sooner than expected? Jenson Button thinks so:

“Lewis, as we all know, is one of the best in the world, maybe even the best in Formula One. He will be competitive again, at least if he wants to be. That is the question. Perhaps he feels that his career is over and that he wants to do something else. Who knows?”

But if Lewis has a car that can win, then he will win races. It remains to be seen whether Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton will be able to recover during the season, or whether the German team will be more operational in 2023 after a transition year.



10 responses to “Hamilton: “feels that his career is over”

  1. Hamilton should have realised a few races ago that his career is over. Face reality. You don’t have a fast enough car anymore.

  2. As spoken, George now has a better car than he has had for many years whilst Lewis has a worse car than he has had for many years.

  3. It’s not about how good or bad the car is. It’s about how well a driver can handle it. That is what makes a driver good or bad. And as clearly demonstrated now. LH is not such a good driver. Far from being a ‘goat’ as some of his his ‘religeously’ blind fans claim.

  4. Lewis Hamilton can only win because he had the best car and was babied. Always put first with upgrades and the team mate given orders to let him win
    He is finished now Russell should be number 1 driver now
    Go 4 it George

    • You are confusing RedBull and Mercedes. Mercedes don’t have a number 1, unlike the RedBull team.

      • Every team can have a number 1 driver you idiot. Just means the number 1 of the 2 drivers in the team. BTW, Hamilton never needed to put no 1 on his car, deciding instead to stick with his usual 44. And as for team orders, Perez has been told to let Verstappen through too.

  5. Beautiful to see Hamilton floundering around in the midfield. Showing us what the he is just a fair driver. No one mentioneing the GOAT moniker this year. Maybe there should be an asterisk beside his nane and references to his 7 championships. Obviously it was only because the car was superior to all the others on the grid. Maybe the GOAT should be the car?

  6. Lewis is definitely not the best driver in f1. Everybody knows that except his die hard fans.
    Eat your heart out!

    • Lewis is best driver in f1, maybe ever except senna. Most everything (points, poles, wins) maybe in 50 years max may come close

  7. He came 4th today and was voted driver if the day, came 5th from 19th a few weeks back in Barcelona. What does that tell you about him in probably the worst car he has ever driven? He will be there next year in a better car and bounce back. So how is Max winning these races in the worst car? Oh sorry he has the best car, today’s race showed that when the pit crew mades a mess of Peres twice and Perez took the fastest lap. Yet slowed down after that to let max go. Shows how RB are working to help Max again become an official champion without any black marks beside it. Yet the same idiots will say it’s max and not the car that wins. Really? Wh n max achieves what LH has then comeback to comments

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