Red Bull sponsor declares Hamilton as 8 times F1 champion

Perhaps a rather embarrassing gaffe by one of the biggest sponsors of Red Bull Racing, Puma. A principal sponsor of the Red Bull team, who is also a supplier of Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes team’s clothing, has been seen displaying a poster in Prague of Hamilton, declaring him as 8 times Formula 1 champion.

The image shows the 37-year-old British driver smiling, wearing the black Mercedes 2021 suit and holding up his thumb. On the bottom left is the Stuttgart logo and on the right the words: ‘Lewis Hamilton, eight-time F1 World Drivers’ Champion’. The advertising gaffe did not go unnoticed by many passers-by, who consequently lashed out on social media against Puma, the Red Bull main sponsor, and its glaring oversight.


But there are also those who see it differently:

‘That’s the spirit,’ writes a girl, ‘Lewis is eight times world champion driver. We all know who and how he won in Abu Dhabi. We will never forget that night’.


Another Twitter user laughs it off saying:

‘I’ve always liked Puma, it’s June and things like this are still happening: they must drive Red Bull crazy’.

Mixed comments, however, cannot change the reality of things. Lewis remains stuck at seven and is unlikely to fight for the title this year, given the superiority of his team mate George Russell, Ferrari and Red Bull over the W13 Mercedes.

For the fight for an eighth title, and to make the sponsor’s poster still valid, we will have to wait until 2023, if he stays in Formula 1.



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15 responses to “Red Bull sponsor declares Hamilton as 8 times F1 champion

  1. Every single WDC of Ham is undeserved. Any bus driver in that Mercedes, with the shameless backing of Wolff who was interested only in the money he made in the sport, would have won as many WDCs if not more. During the vettel years, Ham was a midfield driver which is where he belongs. And he got away with atrocities and his bad behaviour with “maybe because I am black”.
    I keenly look forward to the day when F1 will again become a sport with decent guys.

    • This is the most disrespectful and dumb statement I’ve ever heard. Hamilton wins as a gentleman driver through grit and taent. Way and above the other so-called champions. Michael Schumacher being the worst; he would drive his opponents to the wall. So yes, no sympathy from me him cracking his head. As for Vettel, he was lucky to be in a good car during those years. And he was an unbearable brat at the time. The fact that Hamilton has won or end up on the podium even when starting far from the field.

      • I love how you talk about Schumacher running people. Into the wall but seem to forgot about a little incident at Silverstone in 2021. Funny that. I’m sure there are various other examples of our Lord and saviour running people into walls and off the track but I picked that one because it was an example of how a driver could have been killed! Hamilton is 100% undeserving of his 7 world titles. Sure Schumacher may not have been perfect but had something Hamilton don’t. Talent. Schumacher will forever go down as one of F1s greatest drivers while Hamilton yes will have his name remembered but it won’t be because he was good. It was because of where he ended up because of his temper tantrums when things didn’t go his way. Dont believe me? What happened between adu Dhabi 2021 and the start of the 2022 season? Point made

        • Run along now, you have just proved you don’t have a clue about F1. Hamilton head and shoulders above every other in F1 history combined. Hamilton was cheated out the title last year. Fortunately, Mercedes will have the best car by the end of 2022 and Hamilton will win his 9th title in 2023.

      • Interesting. When Vettel wins, you claim it was his car but when Ham wins, he is a great driver? Your bias and hypocrisy spills over doesn’t it

    • This site, and many of the regular posters, are just pathetic.
      This isnt an “anti, anti Hamilton” thing, its just a statement of fact.

      I only come here for the same reason that I the scabs on my knees – you know you shouldn’t but you JUST cant resist

    • This the most ridiculous blind statement ever made in the history of f1. Vettel alonso hamilton nico and Schumacher all won championship because they had the fastest car on the grid. Back to the statement of lewis a midfield driver. The only two f1 rookies who were runners up in their first year in f1 are jacvellnue and lewis Hamilton. Alonso 2 time champion was beaten by lewis Hamilton during his rookie season.
      Kindly check the facts before making a blunt statement. Lewis won the championship last year. Even former f1 champion like vettel and jenson nico were shock to see the race director involvement in Abu Dhabi.
      Its might be max first championship but if i were in his place i would hand the championship to lewis rather than infamous max 1st championship by controversy. Coz max will win many more titles. I don’t want my first title to ruin by controversy.

  2. I was a Kimi fan and sad when he left McLaren
    I didn’t know who this new kid Hamilton was until he overtook Alonso in his first race
    The new generation of rookies can’t match Alonso at 41 let alone a young and hungry Alonso who had just dethroned MSC
    That alone should tell you the magnitude of his talent n bravery….sure no one stays on top forever age catches up with everyone.

  3. Oz81 I was born and raised in Ireland. Hears about Hamilton prior to his rookie year. Said to myself English press bumming and blowing. When he arrived on the scene and did what he did to Alonso I said to myself a future champ in many years. People like Vijay who claim anyone can drive in a fast car shows his jealousy or hatred for some reason. Yet Perez can’t match Verstappen in the fastest car. And he will probably say that because Verstappen is a better driver. Well he should also have the sense to say the same for Hamilton. After all winning 100+ races regardless if you had a fast car for sale me of the time. It’s the consistency of his driving and driving as the fastest which sets him apart. He should really be 8 times but the FIA and F1 stewards have made a big mess. Most Irish people believe he was robbed at gunpoint..

  4. The world knows hamilton won the 8th F1 world champion but was deliberately bobbed of the title because of what he stands for as a black man in a white man sport.

    • Why do you mention the color of his skin the moment he loses the WDC and not the previous 7 times he did the WDC?

  5. Just an FYI, puma isnt a main sponsor, Oracle and bybit are the title sponsors for redbull racing, puma also sponsor alfa romeo and ferrari, and they are listed as suppliers for mercedes, maybe the poster of lewis in last years race suit was printed last year when it was relevant?

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