Ex F1 Champion says Ricciardo will be sacked

Daniel Ricciardo’s current situation at McLaren is anything but ideal. A Formula 1 legend and former champion is certain that if he doesn’t improve his performance quickly, the Australian will be out and sacked from McLaren.

For Daniel Ricciardo, the current situation at McLaren looks like a mess. Ricciardo is hardly scoring any points for McLaren this season and, despite a supposedly extremely lucrative contract, is significantly worse than teammate Lando Norris. Formula 1 legend and fellow Australian, Alan Jones, is certain Daniel Ricciardo will not be at the team for much longer, especially since team boss Zak Brown recently stepped up the pressure and threatened to sack the 32-year-old if he did not deliver quickly.

“If he doesn’t improve quickly, I don’t see him there much longer, to be honest,” Jones told the Herald Sun.

If Alan Jones, the 1980 world champion, is to be believed, it could soon be curtains for Ricciardo.

“A contract doesn’t mean much in Formula 1. If the situation remains like this, I have no doubt that McLaren will pull one of the options in the contract,” explained the first champion of the Williams team


However, the situation is far from hopeless for his compatriot, if he follows a tip from Jones, a known ‘tough guy’ from the era of physical, ‘mean’ F1 drivers of yore: Ricciardo has to get meaner.

“He’s a great racing driver and a nice guy, but we all know that nice guys don’t achieve anything in Formula 1. If you’re a bigger arse, you’re better off. At the moment there are some drivers in Formula One who prove that.”



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