Ferrari gibberish statement does not explain disastrous engine failure

The Barcelona GP came alight in spectacular fashion when race leader Charles LeClerc engine broke down. LeClerc was up the road alone loooking set for a definite win. Ferrari boss Mattia Binotti explained to Sky Sports after the racer it would be sent overnight for immediate evaluation.

Replays from inside the Monogasque drivers’ car appeared to suggest it was turbo related as listeners could hear the whine of the unit slowing down.

Ferrari released a statement on Monday following the analysis they’ve performed today.

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“Having examined the PU from Leclerc’s car, we found the turbo and MGU-H are damaged and cannot be repaired.

“However, having fully analysed the failure and its cause, we are satisfied it did not occur through a design fault or reliability issue with these two components or any other elements of the PU.”


So the parts were designed precisely and they were reliable throughout and nothing else was to blame for the engine going boom?


The reality is LeClerc has already second power unit parts in his pool allocation, whether these ‘failed’ components (sorry Ferrari) will require him to take third parts into the pool is unclear at present.

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  1. Ferrari and Red Bull needs to sharpen their pencils! Max and Charles are just too talented for these reliability issues! George is lurking in the shadows, and although in a slower vehicle at this state, might just pounce on if these reliability issues continue in the two top teams

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