Hamilton ‘very angry’ according to insider

Will former race director Michael Masi return to Formula 1? According to the new FIA boss Mohammed ben Sulayem, the door is not yet closed for the Australian in F1. This is obviously causing Lewis Hamilton great irritation and annoyance, particularly when considering his ongoing feud with Sulayem over the wearing of jewellery whilst racing.

After the brilliant and highly controversial 2021 F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi, when Max Verstappen overtook his rival Lewis Hamilton on the last lap to become world champion, Michael Masi in particular was at the centre of criticism. He had made Verstappen’s victory possible in the first place with his decision to let him catch up with Hamilton at the safety car restart.


In response to the controversy, Mercedes refused to attend the FIA gala in Paris and Hamilton went into hiding for weeks. The FIA, under its new president Mohammed bin Sulayem, launched an investigation into the events. This ultimately cost Masi his job, or so it seemed…

But the new FIA boss recently surprised everyone by saying that Masi could soon return to the pinnacle  of motorsport:

“Michael is there and it is possible that we need him. We are open to everything.”


In what form Masi could support Formula One, bin Sulayem left open. Since 2022, Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich have formed the new race director team, which McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl recently praised:

“From my point of view, the new set-up with Niels and also Eduardo has made a very good start to this new era of Formula 1.” says Seidl.

It very much appears that Mercedes resists ex-race directors’ comeback and regardless of how Michael Masi might return to Formula One race weekends in the future, the FIA president’s announcement is said to have not gone down well at all with Lewis Hamilton, according to the Daily Mail.


The British driver reacted “angrily”, as the paper reported with reference to an insider. He and his closest advisers were also “surprised”.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, who was Michael Masi’s biggest critic after the season finale, is also said to have made his opposition to his reintegration into Formula One clear internally, according to the Daily Mail.



8 responses to “Hamilton ‘very angry’ according to insider

  1. I doubt Masi returns, even if only by sharing RD responsibilities with Wittich & Freitas.

    • Once again fixing things that are not broken they will lose out in the long run

  2. Can you post that paper clipping instead of all you crappy narration. Please!

  3. Ham was lucky toe get the ravecar that Michael Schumacher brilliance developed for m/benz Since beginning he was just a puppet token for political correctness.
    He should remember he is just a peanut in the packet. For many of us F1will be better off without him.
    If he wants to set an example, learn by Jenson Button, Kimi Raikonnen and Michael Schumacher how to be an officer and a gentleman and a champ.

    • Right… because the merc stayed the same as the 2014 car that Schumacher helped develop? Because of course Hamilton had no input on the later iterations of the car right? You aren’t suggesting that Schumacher’s Skills were so godlike that he somehow planned out the entire development road map of the Mercedes car, irrespective of regulation changes? That would be ridiculous wouldn’t it?

      • Hamilton thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread and it’s too Wolff’s who put him on a pedastel but he done it for his own good not Hamiltons he’s just Woolf’s puppet he’s a looser with to much to say and is punching above his weight nobody wants to hear what he has to say.hes just a driver like all the rest nothing special.

        • Hamilton is not like the rest as you say.
          2 things:
          1. Not many drivers can be at the back of the pack and claw their way back to pole. He has done this more times than we can count so that certainly makes him better than ordinary.
          2. Mercedes is fiercely competitive and with little room for error. If you’re not excellent or at the least very good you wouldn’t survive very long. You might not like him as a person but don’t spit on his driving skills which are very clear to see.

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