FIA: Grave warning for Lewis

President Mohammed Ben Sulayem gives a clear warning to the British seven time Formula 1 champion as Lewis Hamilton is currently battling with the FIA over the wearing of jewellery in races, Sulayem has warned the Mercedes driver about the issue.

Lewis Hamilton is in a bit of a bind at the start of the season in his Mercedes AMG F1 team. While the British driver is looking for an eighth Formula One world title, his performances are disappointing, seemingly distracted by a non-issue.

The 37-year-old has been at the centre of a number of controversies including a dispute with the FIA over the wearing of jewellery in races. Lewis Hamilton refuses to remove his jewellery, but Mohammed Ben Sulayem, president of the FIA, has sent him a clear message.

“There has to be one rule for everyone, and that’s it,” says Sulayem,


“I would like Lewis to be a role model, an ambassador, to send the right message to all young drivers and avoid a tragedy,” the president clarifies,

“We need to use him for the right cause. I like jewellery, I love it, but in a car there can be no choice. People say it hasn’t been done before. Don’t ask me why, you can ask the former governance why it wasn’t,” said Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

The president then makes clear Lewis Hamilton’s possible fines, which could amount to €50,000 and then €250,000.

“It is up to him to decide. There are fines that apply. It’s like when someone is speeding on the road: you can’t stop them from doing it, but they get fined, even if it’s accidental. You can’t let people do it because they are friends. There has to be one rule for everyone, and that’s it. Hamilton was warned.”



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  1. The unmovable object meets the irresistable force? Is going to be interesting to watch how this will further develop. However, if FIA is really serious about this they would not apply fines. A $50.000 fine for Hamitlon is pocketmoney, He can easily pay that every race for the rest of the season so what use is that for FIA? Disqualification is the only real penalty for drivers who think they are above the law.

    • I agree, but after the fiasco last year who can blame him. This whole episode is OTT. F1 a sport, not any more.

  2. Agreed.
    However this will damage Lewis’ reputation even more as a team player, with his personal exploits overtaking his team contribution, if he does not capitulate to obeying simple, understood FIA motorsport rules.
    If I were sat on the DMB board, I would not be wanting the press in this manner. It tarnishes Merc by association, so I am sure Toto has increasing pressure on him to sort this out.

    Many fans see him as the GOAT, however as previously said by many others, fans and others within the fraternity itself, he is not a role model or an ambassador in many ways. It is more about the way he handles himself, not actually his achievements or ‘personal appearances’ as such. Flashing Bling to “get down with the kids” is not what is expected. The difference between him and say Damian Hill is miles away. Can you ever see Lewis as the BRDC chairman or trying to sort out Silverstone facilities..? Nah.

    Lewis seems to care more about his own personal profile as a ‘celebrity’ rather than give back to the sport in this manner – not by making the sport safer for example, or enabling a racing school for getting under-privileged boys & girls to get into single seater racing….nah…he’d rather argue bling.

    He would be so much better respected for his deeds off track than on.

    Yes he has achieved many wonderous things in his career on the track, a far cry from ‘being told to’ lie to the stewards many years ago with McLaren…yet perhaps the realization of what is ahead is only just beginning to sink in.

    If he misses a race, so what? – He is not actually bigger than the sport. He doesn’t deserve ANYTHING from the sport, least the governing body.
    Get in, get on, or get out.

    • Some might see him as a GOAT I see more like a DICKHEAD how hard does need to be follow the rules enforcing the rules after a crash almost cost Romain grosjean his life and jewellery gets in the way as trying give the driver medical treatment

  3. It’s good Lewis telling this guy no. I’m pretty sure in his whole life no one tells him no. F1 is full of anti black racism anyways. So this will run as they want to be seen to squash Lewis

    • What does this have to do with racism? The rule applies to everyone. Or are you so racist that only black men like bling!! Who’s the racist here?

      • Everything to do with racism and I can bet you that Bernie Eccleston is behind this.

        • please tell me how a generic rule can be racist. the rule is the same for everyone.
          it’s only racist if it only affects a certain race. but as said before. are you so racist to indicate that only LH likes bling????

    • Is racism only valid when it’s ‘black’ that’s singled out? I mean, the President of the FIA is an Arab. But I guess he’s racist too, right?

      I’m sick to death of all ignorant views no matter where their nationality originates.

      I am tolerant of any human being, regardless of nationality, sexuality or any other different views as long as they are equally courteous to me. But equally, if they feel they can disrespect me through ignorance I will defend myself.

      The “ignorant” claim Lewis is being treated differently because of his colour, conveniently forgetting that his mother is white – a woman who he decided to recognise earlier this year by including her name with his.

      I’ve found over the years, most people who take offence are actually other groups who presume that their selected group to support feels victimised. I mean in the UK, Muslims are normally dumbfounded when a British politician makes claims about them that have no bearing on real life.

      So an Arab president is implementing rules that the former French president couldn’t be bothered to enforce. And it’s all about Lewis?

      F1 will still be a sport when Lewis retires

  4. Love the input by Tink GB…sooo true!
    Lewis never contributed to the bigger picture of the sport the way the likes of Schumacher had done.
    It is mainly thanks to the unwavering effort of his (Schumacher’s) work behind the scenes that Lewis ever had the class of car that catapulted him to 7-time champion-status.
    Lewis is all about celebrity image and his parade of branded clothing and accessories, and not much else!
    The man is self-obsessed and a sporting role-model disappointment in reality….compared to real sportsmen who bring honor to all that is F1.

  5. Loo is a child nothing more nothing less, and needs to be treated like on. Please do sit the next race out, its not like you need to the points is it lol, and see what MB AG and the sponsors will have to say about.

  6. Look at big picture. FIA is after Lewis because of is imput in dismissed Michael Massi.

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