Chelsea’s first black player urges Hamilton to back Arsenal instead

Lewis Hamilton has joined forces with the investment fund led by Martin Broughton to buy Chelsea FC despite the fact the Formula One driver is an alleged Arsenal supporter. This has prompted questions from former Blues players, most notably from the team’s first ever black player, Paul Canoville.

Lewis Hamilton was drawn into remarks made a few years ago about being an Arsenal supporter: “Every kid supports a different team and I remember I used to switch teams, but I remember when I went home my sister would tell me I had to support Arsenal. When I was five or six years old I was supporting Arsenal, but my uncle is a big Chelsea fan, so I went to a lot of Chelsea and Arsenal games with him,” said Hamilton.


But for Canoville, a Gunners fan must remain loyal and back their own:

“I know Lewis has suggested that he was forced by his sister to support Arsenal. He is an Arsenal fan, that’s a fact. I will always support Lewis Hamilton in everything he does in F1, but I think he should remain loyal to his own team,” said former player Paul Canoville.

The ex footballer was the first black player to play for Chelsea, and received a negative reception from racist elements amongst Chelsea supporters during his time at the club from 1981 to 1986.




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